5 Do’s of Medical Marketing on Social Media

At McCauley Marketing Services, we provide quality care and marketing for a variety of medically-based clients. From dermatologists to surgeons, we value putting our best foot forward to make sure your marketing is in line with sensitive practice standards while remaining engaging with your fans. While challenging, here are five rules we work by when marketing and advertising our medical clients on social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

  1. atlanta-medical-marketing-companyDO prioritize privacy. Confidential patient information has no place on social media. Even in private messaging, it’s important to move private conversations that regard details of conditions or questions of advice to a different means of correspondence. In most cases, it’s best not to ignore these types of efforts from patients to reach out. Always give a phone number or alternate email to address their issue.
  2. DO keep quality in mind. In today’s world, quantity seems to take precedence over quality. In the case of medical marketing on social media, this is not a good strategy. Post at a frequency that your followers don’t feel bombarded by, such as one post per day. The more unnecessary your posts become, the more likely you are to lose followers.
  3. DO switch up your content. Along the same lines, you risk losing followers and interest when the same content is repeatedly posted. Look for articles that pertain to your industry, but don’t necessarily come from your own website or organization. Variation is critical to piquing interest. Try posting credible articles, videos, and personal photos.
  4. DO use analytics. Relying on numbers can help with determining the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Facebook has beneficial features and analytics for determining the time your audience is online, what posts get the most fan engagement, and more. Distinguishing which post types drive the most traffic to your website, get the most likes/shares/retweets, or generate new followers should always be considered.
  5. DO engage. If someone takes the time to comment on a post, reply to a tweet, or personally write you, do your best to respond. Even a quick thank you is better than risking making the patient or potential customer feel ignored or unvalued.


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