How to Make Your Social Content Shine through 54.2 Million Facebook Pages

You read that right: current statistics indicate that 54,200,000 million pages now exist on Facebook. According to an ongoing study from Socialbakers, the average American likes an average of 70 pages on Facebook—a huge jump compared to the 4.5 average for pages liked in 2009. These 70 pages average more than a post per day. That’s somewhere near 2,100 updates each month that each user is meant to see. When you’re one of them, it’s hard to grasp and strategize how you can shine through these many other pages. With this huge increase in posts, reaching your engagement goals can be difficult.  To increase engagement, giving attention to content quality, frequency, and posting times can help. Here are some other helpful tips to focus on to keep great social content at the forefront.

social media click farmsBe credible. At McCauley Marketing Services, we focus largely on medical marketing; therefore we must always put dependable material first.  Never share content solely for clicks or likes—be trustworthy and check your facts.

Incite conversation. We understand you want to inform your audience of your services and products, this often leaves little to no opportunity for discussion. Instead, include starting a dialogue and asking questions people want to answer on social media in your marketing plan.

Exude emotion.  Yes, facts can be interesting. Instead of having them take up your whole feed, mix in content that provokes a reaction that doesn’t make people want to scroll past your posts immediately. Be enthusiastic in your posts—negativity is never a good idea.

Ask for sharing until you no longer need to. Likes and comments are great, but a share goes a long way when it comes to getting your content seen. In the beginning stages of attempting to increase social media engagement, you may need to ask for this. As time goes on and your content gets better, people will want to do it on their own.

Illustrate their minds. Whenever you can, have a visually-stimulating component to your posts. Whether that’s transforming a simple text quote to a colorful graphic or finding an applicable photo to complement your content, this is a great way to stay on-trend with current marketing practices and please an ever-changing audience.

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Mastering the Hashtag

At McCauley Marketing Services, we don’t just perform a wide variety of marketing and advertising services, we master them. There is a feeling of security knowing the ins and outs of your business and being able to adapt to current trends. The hashtag originated in 2007 by a blogger before it was formally adopted by Twitter in 2009. Hashtags are used to search popular, relevant topics for both business and personal life. Even if a topic is not trending, hashtags can be a great way to find likeminded people discussing the same interests as you. Below, find five effective ways to use hashtags for your business on common social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.

  1. hashtagTalk about what matters to people, not just what matters to you. Instead of hashtagging the name of your practice on social media, hashtag a common service or result of your service that may be researched. For example, if you own a spa and are tweeting, you could tag #skincare, #skintips, or #beautifulskin.
  1. Be creative. On the other hand, creating your own hashtag is a common marketing trend today and represents a new type of branding. Use creativity in marketing and use the hashtag consistently to increase the likelihood of being found.
  1. Keep it simple. A short, to the point hashtag is far more advantageous than something long and too specific. One to three words should do the trick.
  1. Participate in popular “day of the week” hashtags. Follow Fridays and Throwback Thursdays are easily applicable to any business. Simply make sure your Follow Friday picks stick to a common theme, such as fellow people within your practice or social media accounts within your industry. As for Throwback Thursday, you can either include personal pictures or early pictures from your business. There are plenty of other popular hashtags to join in on as well.
  1. Remember their alternate uses. As we covered, hashtags can be used to mark a topic or the basic point of your message. However, they can also give you an opportunity to apply your brand to a current event, convey your personality, or provide commentary or context.


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3 Easy Changes to Heat Up Your Marketing for Summer

It’s finally summertime! McCauley Marketing Services loves the growth, opportunity, and excitement that accompanies a new season. Not so exciting? Repetitive marketing patterns. After a while, marketing can start to feel a little bland. While you can spend hours researching emerging marketing trends to stay ahead of the game, there are often simple tweaks you can make that provide big results. Below, find three simple tips for changing up your marketing that are worth the (minimal) effort.

  1. business-meetingGraphics: Get the visual stimulation going. Social media is rapidly changing, with new algorithms consistently adjusting and modifying. Before you know it, your fail-proof posting techniques are null and void. One thing that generally works is entertaining your audience. Creating and sharing graphics on social media is great way to engage your audience. Post graphics to Facebook or Twitter that also work within or are compatible with a blog post. Make sure to provide a link to the corresponding blog, if applicable.
  1. Headlines: Simply using your blog’s title isn’t enough to get people to click on it. Try some “click-bait” techniques from popular websites and magazines. Formulate questions, use small pieces of information from your content, or start headlines with typical things you’d personally like to click on (i.e. “Everything You Need to Know About _________” or “All About ______”).
  1. Clean up: Make your website clutter-free. If business is slower in the summer, this is the perfect time to revamp. If your existing web copy isn’t linked properly for SEO, go back through and revise it. Remove social network buttons that you don’t regularly use. Make sure it’s easy to see your newsletter sign up box (email marketing is incredibly effective!) and your search bar is easily findable (if you don’t have a search bar, get one if applicable). Your services should be front and center, delivered with impeccable, error-free copy.


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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Day-to-Day Business

Spring is a great time to renew your mind, surroundings, and your business and marketing plans. In order to be the most effective in your field and deliver the results your clients desire (in turn creating the return your business deserves), it’s important to properly categorize, organize, and consolidate. McCauley Marketing Services offers suggestions on prioritizing your organizational efforts as we head into a new season.

business-tipsRid yourself of excuses. If all advice you’ve been given recently is matched by an excuse as to why you can’t revamp you’re business or marketing plan, it may be time to take a step back and evaluate. Reinvest in your business and find ways to overcome whatever hurdle thrown your way, financial, managerial, or otherwise. Find the solution and stick with it long enough to be able to analyze it’s success. Stay focused.

Tidy up—literally. Physically de-cluttering your desk can relieve you of a lot of unnecessary stress. Reminders here and there are fine, but once something becomes irrelevant, toss it! File away business cards, notes, and miscellaneous documents in a searchable, organized manner.

Clean up social media profiles. In today’s digital landscape, social media marketing is an imperative aspect to success. If you’re handling your own, post consciously and tailored to your target demographic. As for your personal or company LinkedIn pages, make sure your profile is complete. Make as many meaningful connections as possible (always reach out with a short personal invitation), write a keyword-loaded summary, and ask colleagues to write positive recommendations for you.

Control your inbox. For many people, a pileup of emails can become a thorn in their side rather than a means of effective communication. Clean it up continuously to save yourself the hassle of spending hours categorizing. Save important e-mails and addresses, unsubscribe from newsletters that have become unnecessary, and move on.

Shape up your to-do list. If something has been lingering on your to-do list for far too long, consider what’s most important. For example, contemplate all the things that compete for your time, and decide what needs immediate attention and what can be addressed later. If you have too many things vying for your attention, make it a point to narrow down your focus and make a timeline for when projects need to be completed. Stop beating yourself up for not getting to every superfluous task immediately.

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False Online Reviews Affecting Reputation Management

Before browsing a new store, choosing a new dry cleaner or trying a new restaurant in the neighborhood, you may often read online business reviews to determine which place you should visit. Online reviews can appear everywhere from websites dedicated to reviews like Yelp, Vitals, or CitySearch down to social media with Facebook business pages and Google+ profiles. Recently covered in a FOX News story, officials have cracked down on businesses paying writers to create phony online reviews to improve their own ratings and sabotage others’ reputations. Since checking the validity of each customer review is timely and difficult, McCauley Marketing Services offers reputation management for clients by monitoring online profiles and their respective reviews.

digital marketing profilesAccording to FOX’s story, a business owner with a low rating on Yelp has experienced a decrease in sales and even a negative impact on his relationships with clients and manufacturers. Some consumer watchdogs have set up imposter businesses to capture fake online reviews, but not all false reviews are necessarily negative. Companies may also pay for positive reviews to boost their own reputations. At McCauley Services, our marketing specialists find and monitor user review sites where our clients may be present on. Responding to negative reviews can reinforce potential and existing customers that your online reputation and customer relationships are important to you.

In addition to managing online presences, it is important to also remind your [real] customer base to review their positive experiences with the service or company. Not only will this maintain a positive digital reputation, but it also offers customers an opportunity to provide helpful feedback and offer a consumer’s perspective.

If you are interested in learning more about our reputation management services or other marketing services, contact us today. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest for the latest marketing news and tips.

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