Copywriter’s Corner: Tips for Finding Your Voice

From web design and on-line search engine optimization to public relations and customer reputation management, a modern marketing company like McCauley Marketing Services has to perform a variety of different tasks, but many hinge on the work of the humble copywriter.  Because they are responsible for writing, proofreading, and editing everything that people hear or read about your business, a marketing copywriter needs to be more than just well-informed; they need to be engaging storytellers that can facilitate an ongoing dialogue between you and your customers.  This process usually begins with establishing something writers call a “narrative voice.”

Copywriter’s Corner Tips for Finding Your VoiceIn simple terms, a narrative voice is what someone hears in their head when they are reading your work.  It is the difference between something that sounds like a random grocery list and something that sounds like a conversation with an actual person.  Effective marketing copy manages to simultaneously inform and persuade by making the reader or listener feel as though you are speaking to them directly and that you have something worthwhile to say.  Finding a narrative voice is difficult for many writers, but can be made easier by keeping three basic guidelines in mind.

Be Distinctive but Relatable

All marketing starts with a branding strategy, because clearly defining your brand creates the foundation upon which all of the other components of marketing can be built.  Decide from the beginning how you want to relate to your customers: whether you want to be formal or casual, whether you want to seem light-hearted or serious.  Try to develop a consistent rhythm and vocabulary in your writing that people can recognize and that fits in with the overall tone of your personality that you are trying to convey.

Be Personal but Professional

Social media has revolutionized marketing by allowing real-time communication between businesses and thousands of customers, but it is important to remember that numbers don’t always equate to business and that these new avenues of communication require new writing styles.  Customers are more likely to read, engage with, and respond to content that sounds like a friendly conversation, and likely to ignore content that sounds like a traditional “sales’y” commercial.  Write, choose, and share social media posts as though they are coming directly from a real person, but don‘t forget to maintain good spelling and grammar so that things stay professional.

Be Authoritative but Approachable

As on-line search engines like Google and Bing become more sophisticated, search engine optimization increasingly requires being recognized as a local expert in your field.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is by producing accurate and informative content, usually in the form of technical blog articles.  However, when writing such blogs, it is important to still be approachable.  Address real, practical questions from actual customers, keep your explanations clear and concise, and try to avoid industry specific jargon as much as possible, because most people will not understand.

Writing effective marketing copy can seem easy, but it is actually much more difficult that most people realize, particularly in the health care industry.  If you’re a business owner, physician, or medical practice manager who wants to bring a new level of professionalism and appeal to your website or marketing materials, schedule a marketing consultation so that we can help you determine what sort of services will most benefit you.  Finally, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for additional tips about the world of marketing.