Don’t Get Caught in a Social Media Trap

When social media for businesses first came along, it was a breath of fresh air for marketing professionals. It seemed like the possibilities were endless and the connections vast! However, now that we’ve all been using it for a while you may notice it’s easy to get into the same old habits when it comes to social media marketing. Ask a question here, post a link there, and when you’re done, that’s it.

However, we’re inviting you to refresh your view of social networks by making it fun again. There are still plenty of opportunities to connect with people who are interested in your product. From office supplies to lingerie, there’s a consumer base willing to take advantage of what you’re putting out on social media every day! You just have to know how to engage your audience! Here are some marketing tips to make your Facebook, Twitter, and other social network posts worthwhile.

  1. Don’t post too often. There is such a thing as information overload. That being said, post regularly so your clients see you as a useful, informed resource.
  2. Personalize your posts. Post the kind of information you would be interested in learning more about.
  3. Engage your friends and clients with opinion questions, quotes, fun facts, etc.
  4. Post responsibly. Make sure to proofread and check your posts for any offensive or inappropriate material. If your grandmother would disapprove, don’t post!
  5. Make certain to only post about topics you’re qualified to cover, and don’t give any advice over the internet that could get you in trouble later. Always consider privacy issues!