For Customer Service Press One: Knowing Your Power as a Consumer

The field of marketing is one that is consumer driven.  Duh, right?  Well, sometimes marketers and even business owners forget just how impactful the voice of the consumer can be.  As a full-service marketing firm representing clients from a variety of industries, including but not limited to, family medicine, plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, dermatology, dentistry, construction, painting and remodeling, and even health & fitness, McCauley Marketing Services understands the common denominators of successful business:  a good product and customer advocacy.

Our job as marketers is to provide services that help businesses educate unknowing consumers about a product’s advantages and how said product can make their lives better. The omnipotent array of social media platforms now enables consumers to speak for themselves:  what companies they “like” (pun intended), what companies did wrong, and what they’ve done right in dealing with customers.  Your voice is immensely powerful because your “network” of friend and followers is (theoretically) a group that trusts and respects what you have to say.  That understood, we thought we’d take the opportunity to remind you of the tools you possess in your online arsenal to communicate with companies.

Tweet for customer service: The real-time, streaming nature of Twitter is becoming one of the fastest ways to reach out to HR.  In fact, social media management is becoming an increasingly popular marketing service as business owners look for help in maintaining their reputations and ensuring tweets from their customers are addressed in a timely manner.

Recommend Places on Facebook: An amped-up version of the “like” button for Facebook fan pages, this new feature allows you to provide an extended description of why you “like” the company that you can then send to your friends, make public for everyone to see, or send to a customized list of individuals.  The Facebook recommendation feature is accessible by clicking on the text input field under “Recommend This Place” on the right side of most fan pages.

Share a Review: As a company that also provides public relations services, we know that feedback (good, bad, and ugly) has the potential to be constructive.  You can review businesses on search engines like Google and Yahoo as well as provide a written testimonial directly to the business owner with a summary of your experience.  As the company that also provides reputation management, we like to suggest that customers who’ve had lack-luster experiences with a company approach the management of the company directly before bad-mouthing them online.  Not only does this typically produce a quicker response from the management, but many companies respect the fact that you come to them first and will go even more out of their way to make sure you leave happy in the future.

It is your right as a consumer to spend your hard-earned money as you see fit.  These are but a few of the ever-expanding outlets available to you to ensure that you are receiving all that you pay for.  For regular updates on new ways to optimize customer relationship management as a business owner or a consumer, continue to read our blog and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.