Happy New Year from McCauley Marketing Services

We’ve spent much of the holiday season talking about how companies can make good use of this time of the year, whether they’re in the healthcare industry or the construction industry. Of course we recognize the importance of staying committed to your business’ success (after all, that is our area of expertise), but today we would like to take a moment to simply show our appreciation for our valued clients and all of you who support us as well.

Happy New Year from McCauley Marketing ServicesIt’s certainly been a great year at McCauley Marketing Services. As always, we’ve enjoyed the adventure of trying new marketing avenues for our clients, whether our goal is to reach a new audience or we’re looking for ways to simply enhance the relationship with the audiences our clients already have. This year, on top of continuing to work with clients who have been with us for years, we also added several exciting new clients. While some were in our specialty field of healthcare, others were in new industries, allowing us a fun opportunity to branch out and apply our skills to entirely new concepts and target audiences.

So what are we looking forward to in 2017? As any marketing professional realizes, advertising is reaching the point of saturating consumers’ lives—it’s there every time they use their phone, every time they drive down the highway, and every time they watch TV or flip through a magazine. Add that to the fact that people are always bouncing between several distractions, like the constant string of emails, texts, and alerts coming from their phones, and the result is that it’s highly difficult to capture and hold a reader’s attention. While traditional advertising is still essential, next year we look forward to also finding more creative ways to reach consumers with content they want and seek out (so they’re more likely to truly take in and process the information). A successful marketing strategy requires several different types of media, content, and strategies, and as we exercise our creativity and find new and unique ways to do this, we look forward to watching our clients reap the benefits.

The holidays are always a joyous time of the year, and at McCauley Marketing Services, we enjoy not only celebrating the festive season itself but also the wrapping up of another exciting and productive year. From our family to yours, we wish you all a happy holiday season and a fantastic New Year in 2017.

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