Helpful Marketing Tips You May Not Have Considered

It can be challenging for businesses to get their content out in front of their target demographic. The world of marketing is very crowded these days, especially online. It’s more important than ever for small businesses to adopt modern online marketing practices and utilize all the marketing resources available to help better manage their content and reach their target audiences.

Helpful Marketing Tips You May Not Have ConsideredHere are a few suggestions that we think can provide a significant boost in the effectiveness of your marketing plan:

Choose Relevant Topics

When you are writing marketing content for your business, coming up with consistently good topics to write about can prove difficult. It’s important to find topics that are both relevant to your business and interesting to your intended audience. Try searching around the web for hot or current news stories that are relevant to your business or industry and try to build off of that in order to grab the attention of your readers.

Utilize Marketing Tools

There is no shortage of great marketing tools to help your business get a leg up on your competition. Whether you’re trying to organize your various social media profiles, schedule blog posts or newsletters, track customer activity in your office and on your website or whatever else, utilizing certain online or in-house software tools can help. Just be diligent and search around for the right tools for your specific needs. Online consultations that allow you to answer specific questions customers have about your business can be extremely helpful.

A Word About Print Marketing

Even though online marketing has become the dominant force in the industry, there can still be immense value in using print marketing for most businesses. Since online has become such a focal point, print content like magazine or newspaper advertisements, direct mailers or brochures can help you stick out more than you might expect, particularly to specific age groups.

Track Customer Feedback

Tracking customer feedback is always highly recommended. Though sometimes it can be difficult to get your customers to take the time to express what about your business they may be most interested in. Try handing out specific feedback cards or customer surveys online. Direct communication with your clients by phone can provide a wealth of valuable information. Additionally, certain online tools can be used to collect date from your website visits by providing heat maps that show which portions of your website visitors are drawn to, what they click on and what areas might not be catching their attention. There is even software available that allow businesses to customer track customer data including name, address, phone number and how they found your business.

Don’t forget internal marketing. One of the most valuable and inexpensive marketing tools available is speaking with your existing customer database. It took a great deal of effort, time and expense to compile this list; why not put it to use? Sometimes the best resource can be sitting right under your nose.

While some marketers may already be aware that some of these tips can be helpful, they may not have the skills, knowhow or time to effectively put them into practice. For more information or if you are interested in a professional, custom-tailored marketing plan for your business, please contact McCauley Marketing Services today. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for more tips and updates.