How to Maximize your Print Advertising in the Digital Age

It’s no secret that marketing has long-since entered a digital age. Online advertising is everywhere and tactics like social media marketing and search engine optimization have never been more important. With that said, that doesn’t mean traditional print marketing is dead. In fact, quite the opposite is true. There can still be immeasurable value in utilizing print advertising to reach a certain subset of your intended audience demographics, especially when you advertise in local publications. That’s why the experts at McCauley Marketing Services have taken some time to provide some tips on how to attract the eyes of your audience and get the most out of your print advertising.

How to Maximize your Print Advertising in the Digital AgeMake Sure your Ad is Visually Appealing to Help it Stand Out

Advertising anywhere can be a crowded proposition. The first step in getting people to engage with your print advertising is getting them to notice it in the first place. You must think through every aspect of your ad design and choose the right ingredients to work in tandem with each other. These elements include your company logo, an eye-catching color scheme, an agreeable font and more. Some of this may seem like minutiae, but trust us, the little details matter.

Use Concise, Effective Messaging

No reader wants to read a novel when flipping through a magazine or newspaper. You have to have a clear message in mind when coming up with your ad. This includes a simple, to-the-point tagline that can help lure readers in. Think hard about the purpose of each individual print ad you make and what you want your potential readers to take away from it. Also include a call to action to help provide an incentive to act quickly upon seeing your ad. Although not that common any longer, in some instances a bar code scan can be a simple way to direct people straight from your ad to your website.

Integrate Print Ads into Overall Marketing Strategy

Remember that your print advertising should be just one part of your overall marketing strategy. Integrating the content of your print advertising into your other marketing efforts, whether it be social media pages or an email newsletter, can help solidify your message and drive your point home to your potential customers. It’s all about frequency. We suggest supporting your print ads with additional advertising options (including social media ads) that use similar imagery and messaging. Also consider buying space in consecutive editions of the respective publication for your ad so that readers may see it multiple times, as one or two times is not enough.

With many companies focusing entirely on digital marketing these days, it can pay big dividends to zig when your competitors zag. Print advertising can still be a great way to help build your brand and generate additional revenue for your business. For more information on print advertising or to discuss a comprehensive marketing plan for your business, contact McCauley Marketing Services today. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more helpful tips and updates from the world of marketing.