Is Your Brand Social-Friendly?

mccauley advertisingA few weeks ago Mashable posted an infographic based on a study by Weber Sandwick and Forbes Insights on brand sociability. With the rise of social media, more emphasis has been placed on brand sociability in marketing during the past few years than ever before. The infographic revealed a similar conclusion as our last marketing blog post on EdgeRank: there’s much more business professionals could be doing for their brand on the internet. In fact, the article explained that 84% of business executives believe they could do more with brand sociability.


You may be wondering what we mean by brand sociability. Brand identity is the external representation of a business, which includes the name, trademark, communication style, and visual appearance. Brand sociability determines the ease with which a brand is shared between consumers, generally through a social network. This type of brand marketing is a key component in managing a brand’s online reputation.


One of the first things a business must realize is that just because you’re on social media, or using social marketing outlets, doesn’t necessarily make your brand social-friendly. You have to connect with potential customers and other business professionals and listen to their feedback.  Go beyond experimenting with social media, and start executing a brand sociability plan that utilizes multiple social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) with original content that your audience will actually find interesting. Remember, however, to be consistent in these various outlets to maintain that reputation we previously discussed.


In your social media marketing efforts, don’t forget the importance of quality over quantity. There’s much more to consider when measuring social media ROI than just numbers. Meaningful interactions with individuals similar to your current demographic or desired demographic
are more significant than the number of people following or liking your company.


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