Turn Your Business into a Brand with Emotion-Driven Advertising

In recent years, Apple’s “Designed by Apple” commercials were easily recognized by their simplistic advertising: using their product displayed atop a white background, while demonstrating its capabilities to the melodic tunes of a fun, upbeat song.  While we learn what the product does, and may even discover a new song, the commercials lacked the emotional appeal that could further promote emotional bonding between the brand and current and/or potential customers.  Recently we’ve seen Apple commercials have changed their tune by taking us on a journey, in a sort of story-telling format.  In an almost voyeuristic manner, Apple shares special moments from two lovers on a bridge capturing a kiss under an umbrella on a rainy day to a grandparent video chatting with loved ones afar.

advertising agency atlanta gaIn a previous marketing blog we discussed the shift in advertisers tapping into an emotional angle when promoting their product or services to consumers.  With many competitors offering the same basic features, advertisers are tapping into the emotional benefits of their brand as a way to set themselves apart and build an emotional relationship with their customers.  Establishing an emotional bond with customers makes them more likely to use and recommend your product or service because they can relate to your messaging.  Today, prices and product claims are not enough to ensure that your customers continue to choose your business over the competition.  When a customer goes to buy a product, they may not necessarily remember what claims the product has as to why it’s a better choice; instead, they will remember how the advertisement made them feel.

There are a few questions you may want to consider when creating emotion-driven advertising to turn your business into a brand that resonates with consumers:

  • Who are your customers?  Defining your target audience is beneficial when considering the best way to brand your business.  By understanding what they want, you can market directly to the audience that would find your product.
  • What are the emotional benefits?  Figure out what customers find appealing about a product besides the price and features.  In a sea of similarity, standing out among the competition may seem hard but promoting your business in a positive way creates a bond with customers to encourage repeat business.
  • Why should customers come back?  Your goal is to promote a product that not only attracts new customers, but keeps them coming back time after time.  Asking loyal customers what they look for when purchasing products and researching competitors in your market are good insights that can help you strategize.


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