How to Keep Subscribers from Opting Out of Your Email Marketing

You’ve worked diligently with your marketing team to build your marketing plan, complete with social media strategies, website blueprints, and as recent research suggests is most important—effective email marketing.  At McCauley Marketing Services, a full-service medical marketing company, we help you create an stable email list by producing the content that your audience needs while conveying your message efficiently. Now, here’s what to do to keep your contacts happy, educated, interested, and most importantly, subscribed.

email marketingGetting an email list together can seem like a daunting task to begin with, but a key rule to remember is to stick to your marketing strategy. Don’t let marketing ADD (more on that in an upcoming blog!) get to you–rather than wasting hours researching and compiling thousands of approaches to try out, stick to two to three for a substantial amount of time to see what really works. We encourage being open to change, but believe that it is necessary to see a strategy run for long enough period to see the outcome.

Now that you’ve got your email list in order, here’s what you can do to make your subscribers stay put. When your business communicates consistently with your audience on both social media and email marketing, you are more likely to be in their minds and become their first choice for your type of services. By staying in contact, you can begin to build subconscious trust and authority within your field.

Unlike social media, email marketing is completely in your hands: no overbearing advertising rules, constant changes in guidelines and formatting, or newsfeed competition can be found in this marketing medium. Welcome your new subscribers with a customized thank you email, and provide incentives like a first-time subscriber coupon if you can. Be sure your newsletters have valuable content and not just promotional material. Link to external content on your website such as recently penned SEO-optimized blogs and current special offers. Regardless of the size of your email list, remember that these are a group of people that genuinely want to keep up with your business and buy your products, so treat them well by producing the best content possible!

Remember: just because you don’t want people to unsubscribe does not mean they will not. Some of the most common reasons people unsubscribe are too many emails, uninteresting subjects, impersonalized content, and disregard for feedback. According to MailChimp, making sure the unsubscribe option is clear within your email is essential to email marketing success. Otherwise, those wanting to unsubscribe are likely to mark you as ‘spam’, which will actually lead to your email automatically going to spam in other people’s inboxes.

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