How to Make Your Social Content Shine through 54.2 Million Facebook Pages

You read that right: current statistics indicate that 54,200,000 million pages now exist on Facebook. According to an ongoing study from Socialbakers, the average American likes an average of 70 pages on Facebook—a huge jump compared to the 4.5 average for pages liked in 2009. These 70 pages average more than a post per day. That’s somewhere near 2,100 updates each month that each user is meant to see. When you’re one of them, it’s hard to grasp and strategize how you can shine through these many other pages. With this huge increase in posts, reaching your engagement goals can be difficult.  To increase engagement, giving attention to content quality, frequency, and posting times can help. Here are some other helpful tips to focus on to keep great social content at the forefront.

social media click farmsBe credible. At McCauley Marketing Services, we focus largely on medical marketing; therefore we must always put dependable material first.  Never share content solely for clicks or likes—be trustworthy and check your facts.

Incite conversation. We understand you want to inform your audience of your services and products, this often leaves little to no opportunity for discussion. Instead, include starting a dialogue and asking questions people want to answer on social media in your marketing plan.

Exude emotion.  Yes, facts can be interesting. Instead of having them take up your whole feed, mix in content that provokes a reaction that doesn’t make people want to scroll past your posts immediately. Be enthusiastic in your posts—negativity is never a good idea.

Ask for sharing until you no longer need to. Likes and comments are great, but a share goes a long way when it comes to getting your content seen. In the beginning stages of attempting to increase social media engagement, you may need to ask for this. As time goes on and your content gets better, people will want to do it on their own.

Illustrate their minds. Whenever you can, have a visually-stimulating component to your posts. Whether that’s transforming a simple text quote to a colorful graphic or finding an applicable photo to complement your content, this is a great way to stay on-trend with current marketing practices and please an ever-changing audience.

What would you add to this list? Head over to our FacebookTwitter, and Google+ pages and let us know. For more on creating engaging social content, contact us today and learn the latest in marketing trends and tools.