Marketing to Attract the Right Employees

Here’s the scenario: your business is booming and you need to accommodate the new growth by hiring more employees.  To some employers, hiring is a dreaded word that means being consumed by resumes and cover letters, searching for the missing piece of your puzzle.  Will you choose the right candidate; someone who will get along with your team?  Will they uphold the standards and principals your company represents?  At McCauley Marketing Services, we understand how important having the right team means to enhancing not only a good work environment but better work production.  Here are helpful tips to keep in mind to reduce the hiring woes and help find the best candidate to grow your

Detailed In a recent Forbes Magazine article, marketing is often an underutilized tool for attracting qualified potential employees.  Just as you would decide your target market of consumers, you should similarly market a job opening to perspective candidates.  By presenting them with content marketing, such as articles that describe your company’s core values and culture in addition to the job description, it allows candidates to do their homework and decide whether they are a good fit before they apply.  If a candidate doesn’t agree, they simply won’t apply.  It opens up better communication during the interview and you can discuss the job description and dig deeper by asking value and core-related questions to find out if the candidate is not only qualified, but compatible.

You can even take it a step further with the ever-evolving nature of social media.  Job listing sites draw a broad crowd of applicants; posting jobs and the aforementioned content-related material to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will allow you to network with individuals who have organically gained interest in your organization.  The more your content is shared on social media, the more likely it will attract the ideal candidate because of a bond created with the organization based on research and unique and relatable content, making the hiring process less of a hassle for you.

While there may not be an easy solution to the hiring process, there is hope in knowing there are ways to optimize your applicant pool.  For more information about social media marketing and marketing tips, be sure to connect with McCauley Marketing Services on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for the all the latest.