Trying to Attract New Customers Using the Wrong Tools Won’t Get Your Business Far

Marketing professionals are always attempting to draw new customers, but without using the proper tools to attract new customers, marketing efforts will be lost. When it comes to advertising, you have to know your target market well enough to know what they would appreciate and match your marketing strategy to their taste. I mean, you wouldn’t try to lure a dog in with a carrot would you? Maybe a big juicy steak, but not a carrot.

McCauley Marketing Services chose this week’s photo of the week in honor of Halloween. Even though this dog’s all dressed up like a bunny rabbit, he can’t seem to get into character long enough to even pretend to be interested in that carrot. This week, your mission is to caption this photo with what’s going on in this dog’s head.

Our take: “C’mon. As if the pink bunny costume isn’t bad enough, they’re actually sticking a disgusting carrot in my face too??”