Using Your Social Media Bios to Attract Followers

By now, you think may you have mastered the tweet and conquered the post, seizing each and every opportunity for great content at all the right times. However, when’s the last time you spruced up your bio on common social media platforms? Below, let McCauley Marketing Services guide you on the best ways to write social media bios to attract followers on all of your favorite mediums. As an overarching tip, it’s best to not make each bio exactly the same. Yes, they should have similar tone in order to properly represent your business/personal brand, but customization shows that you fully understand each medium. Remember, not every social network is appropriate for every business.

Using Your Social Media Bios to Attract FollowersFacebook: This should be kept very simple, with a basic overview including any contact information, location, and hours. Include keywords for search engine optimization (SEO).

Twitter: Your Twitter bio should position you as an expert in your field who serves a specific audience. Tell readers immediately what they’ll get by following your daily tweets. Facts? Quotes? Sales announcements? Be authentic, and you’ll attract authentic followers who want to engage with you in the future. The number of fans you have becomes less meaningful when they never talk back. Don’t forget your keywords and relatable hashtags for SEO.

Instagram: Your bio on this particular medium is one of the first things Instagram users (AKA potential customers) see. Explain what makes you or your company unique, what you share on Instagram, and what you do. Your bio is the only place on Instagram where you can include a link, as they are not supported in photos or comments. So, be sure to include your website URL, landing page, blog, or other preferred link in your bio. Include whichever makes sense, but don’t overload users. This shows that you are a reliable business, which gives a little extra push for people to follow you.

Google+: Limit to a quick, compelling, SEO-optimized summary of your business. Include important keywords and add links to your other social channels and blog.

Pinterest: Keep it simple! Tell pinners about the magic your boards hold. Pinterest is less about words and more about visuals. What can you say to effectively convey what type of content your brand pins without losing interest?

LinkedIn: Highlight your company’s achievements rather than listing everything you’ve ever done. Stick to the basics without being too wordy. Be careful of grammar mistakes—this social network is meant to be professional.

Most of all remember to update these bios periodically to ensure you’re on top of current trends as well as update your social content frequently. For more on the latest marketing tips and updates, follow McCauley Marketing Services on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Pinterest or contact us for assistance with your marketing strategy.