5 Approaches to Positively Influencing Social Media Fans

Even at McCauley Marketing Services, we all have not-so-great days. For anyone, a shining sun-filled morning can turn into a dreadful raincloud of an afternoon. But somehow, even on a bad day, a little burst of positive affirmation or observation of encouraging interaction can turn a sour disposition around for many of us. Did you know that your brand or personal name has the opportunity to do this for someone? By making your social media pages a harbor for constructive interaction, you can win over fans and influence others to spread encouragement and establish a reputable name for yourself. Marketing shouldn’t be all about numbers and metrics—it’s also about creating a place where fans want to go.

  1. All-Social-Media-Buttons-in-RowLet your fans know how much you appreciate them sincerely. Instead of announcing in excitement how many fans you have, thank your audience for choosing you. When you show appreciation and encouragement to your fans, the kickback is three fold: they are not only more likely to come back and view you more positively, but pass it on to others.
  1. Own up! Do not avoid fixing a social media mistake—it happens, so don’t ignore it. Everyone will inevitably have mishaps, and as humans, we need to accept this. Professionally addressing the problem, making no excuses, and swiftly moving on is always a great marketing strategy for maintaining a solid business image.
  1. Engage with the interests of your audience. You’ve got a leg up on this, because as fans on your page, they are already interested in you. Listen to and observe the activity of your fans and engage with it. Ask questions that people want to answer and make it easy for fans to talk about themselves.
  1. Avoid arguments at all costs. If someone is making negative comments on your social media page, do your best to hide them and address the manner privately and professionally.
  1. In all circumstances, celebrate! Revel in your latest news, contests, events and accomplishments. People want to celebrate and be involved with you—perhaps this is why the latest Facebook algorithm has changed to bring statuses and photos that incite a congratulatory response to the top of your newsfeed. Request participation in any future events and disclose your recent developments with your community.


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