Brainstorming Got You All Tangled Up?

Brainstorming tips

While the iconic image of a person with an idea is a light bulb above the head, McCauley Marketing decided to throw a little holiday spirit into our idea of brainstorming—wrapped in lights! Although this man looks like he’s been having a little trouble untangling the mess left from last year’s decorating, we’re imagining he’s full of grand ideas about where to take his business in the new year!

If you’re feeling a little caught up in the brainstorming process, here are a few tips to help you untangle your brain and move forward:

  1. Set clear goals. Brainstorming sessions can get a little hectic when people are filled with great ideas but nowhere to direct them. Setting goals keeps people on track and focused on the main issue. Make sure to write down any other ideas that pop up that could be used at a later time for another advertising project.
  2. Get a little crazy. Sometimes the best ideas are harvested from the most ridiculous beginnings. Encouraging people to speak up and get creative and making it safe for your advertising team to voice edgy ideas can be good for teamwork and for the creative session.
  3. Start broad and work your way to a specific conclusion. The beginning of a brainstorming session should be a “shotgun blast:” ideas need to be abundant and spread out. As the session goes on, hone in on what you’re really trying to achieve like a laser beam, focus on quality and getting rid of elements that don’t relate to your goals.

Whether you’re brainstorming marketing ideas, new social media tactics, or a logo design these tips can help you make the most of your team’s brainstorming session. That way, you’ll have lots of little tiny light bulbs that all contribute to the bigger picture!