Google Now Introduced for Apple Products: Changes Search Engine Marketing

Last week, Google launched Google Now for iPhone and iPad.  The new mobile search engine automatically feeds search engine results pages (SERPs) to mobile users based on their location and search history of “suggested places” without having to search a specific query.  While Google Now isn’t new, it was first released as part of last year’s Android Jelly Bean update, what is new is the expanded audience with access to the

What does the Google Now launch for Apple products mean for mobile marketing?  Google Now makes digital reputation management and the role of local-focused search engine optimization all the more important.  We’ve written before about the importance of digital reputation management and knowing what customers are saying about your business as a healthy component of customer relationship management (CRM), but now it’s even more important as those online business listings are being cast in front of not only those who search you, but also those consumers using Google Now who are simply around your business’s location.

While not every mobile device offers Google Now, according to the article published in WebProNews, last week there is talk of Google Chrome adopting the model which would exponentially increase the search engine’s visibility.  Just as they did last year with the launch of Google’s Panda algorithm and the effects it had on content marketing, the McCauley Marketing Services’ web development team will keep you updated on the latest search engine optimization news as it comes available.

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