Check Out How Checking In Can Influence Marketing Campaigns

With Facebook’s ever-changing news feeds, apps, and tools, many users can feel overwhelmed to learn all of their features whether it’s for a personal profile or a public business page. As many social media networks are adopting mobile apps, one of the newer features of Facebook Mobile includes “checking in” to places and pages. According to the Facebook Ads Benchmark Report conducted by SalesForce, check-ins on Facebook have received the highest click-through rate in the past year. At McCauley Marketing Services, our account managers implement various social media marketing campaigns and have explored the benefit of Facebook check-ins and how they can positively influence businesses.

social media marketing company atlanta gaThrough Facebook Mobile, users can use their phone’s GPS system to locate nearby businesses and attractions. Users can also check in at places to share with their friends where they went to shop, eat a meal, or simply hang out. Check-ins can help brand awareness as this feature similarly serves as a word-of-mouth tactic for businesses. Facebook users are more likely influenced by their friends’ interests and experiences. For example, if a Facebook user sees on her newsfeed that one of her friends checked into a particular store, then she’ll be curious to learn more about that location and will click the link to the business page.

Not only does Facebook check-ins provide business exposure, but they can also improve customer relationship management. Through check-ins, businesses can see loyal visitors who frequently check in and statuses tied to the check-ins explaining how that visitor is using their services or what they enjoy (or didn’t enjoy) about their experience. By taking a moment to check in through Facebook Mobile, the user is showing intent on publicizing a business they visited.

In addition to Facebook, Foursquare is another social media platform that is based on checking in, providing the same user interaction and business exposure potential that Facebook has. However, Facebook is more user-friendly as it links to a business page and includes over 1 billion users on both website and mobile versions. Many businesses can encourage users to check in to their business page more often by offering incentives such as special coupons or having their own employees check in and promote their business to their networks.

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