Using Testimonials for Medical Marketing & Promotions

Testimonials are an important part of many businesses spanning across nearly all industries. They are especially imperative for those in the medical profession, as people often look for real experiences from patients who have already had procedures and treatments they are considering. When you include testimonials on your website, they give potential patients or customers a sense of ease and air of confidence from thoroughly conducting pre-surgery research. Below, find a few ways you can optimize your testimonials and be seen as a trustworthy, honorable medical provider.

medical marketing and testimonialsYou should know the target demographic for your patients (if not, we can help). Select testimonials based on people who are in this demographic to increase a sense of relatability and identity to the patients who are researching you. Include a wide variety of people who may fall into this category. For example, if many middle-age women inquire about the medical services offered within your practice, consider including testimonials for women in similar stages of life that you have already worked with.

Don’t be afraid to ask for details from your patient. Just saying they are happy with their results isn’t quite convincing. The worst that could happen is that if they had a negative aspect of their experience that didn’t sit well with them, you will get an honest opinion and be able to make changes for the future.  Ask about their favorite part from the experience or the difference your services have made in their lives. Testimonials with these details make quick and easy social media posts that also can increase fan engagement.

When you’re fortunate enough to get a long, thoughtfully written testimonial, use it. While some advice out there suggests you should only use short blurbs to encourage readability, a longer narrative can come across as more realistic, as if the reader is asking a friend for guidance.

Testimonials are often searched for before a patient would even contact your business, so consulting a medical marketing company to increase SEO is important. Do you personally search for and trust testimonials? Head over to our FacebookTwitter, or Google+ and tell us. For more marketing ideas specifically tailored to your business, contact us.