Website Design Impacts Your Company’s Success

Now that 2013 is here, many companies have joined the digital community through the formation of their business’ website, social media, and mobile site use. At McCauley Marketing Services, we often emphasize the importance of website design to our clients, since the web is usually the first tool consumers use to find and gather information.

In the February issue of Website Magazine, Allison Howen discussed web design trends for 2013. Although these trends are emerging, McCauley Advertising has already been incorporating these elements into clients’ web presence and marketing strategies.


For instance, with evolving technology, the use of mobile and tablet devices will continue to increase. As more people move away from the traditional computer screen, businesses need to move with them.  As we have previously mentioned in our blog about mobile websites, people want relevant information quickly and conveniently. With a user friendly mobile site, consumers are less likely to navigate to other sites which will positively influence your company’s brand. Although, a design may look good on a webpage its imperative to review the site on an actual mobile device to assure it is also functioning properly. As you can see from the McCauley website design portfolio, it’s also important that mobile site designs complement client’s brand identity and contribute toward reaching their strategy goals.

Other trends mentioned in the article include creating a visually appealing and interactive layout.  As an example, Pinterest has set a precedent for a parallax scrolling design that allows developers to build single page sites with multiple layers to improve time-on-site, typography, and social feeds.  This is a good example of taking an intricate website design and maintaining functionality. Ornate aesthetic properties can actually detract from the main point of having a website:  conveniently relaying information to current and potential customers.

Our website designers already integrate these trends when designing web layouts by considering which fonts, size, and colors would be the most appealing and accurately represent your brand.  At McCauley, we also specialize in social media marketing to connect your brand with potential and existing customers; this allows our clients another layer to integrate into the functionality of their business’s website.

If you are interested in updating or creating your web presence, please contact us to discuss web design and other services we provide. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest for the latest marketing news and information.