Healthcare Marketing Tips

Define Your Brand And Mission!

At McCauley Marketing Services, we believe strongly in the importance of branding your medical practice. It’s important that every practice (including physicians, management, clinical staff and the administrative staff) have a clear understanding of the practice brand and mission. Regardless of your budget, your practice has the ability to create a strong brand that conveys the personality of your practice and image to resonate with potential patients. You need to develop a strategy including goals. You should have a logo; establish your brand, then build your website, advertisements, promotions, and other marketing efforts on that solid brand foundation.

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Maintain Clear, Consistent Communication!

Stay consistent in your messaging. Providing a consistent message is a great way to earn the trust of your patients. Maintaining consistent messaging across the board when it comes to your marketing content can go a long way towards developing a singular voice for your practice.

Develop And Follow A Patient-Centered Strategy.

Just like in your office, your patients come first when it comes to marketing your medical practice. You need to develop a strategy that will both help satisfy your current patients while also providing a means of attracting potential new ones. So be attentive to the needs and preferences of your patients while developing your healthcare marketing plan.

Track Your Results.

Track the results of your marketing effort to get a full understanding of how effective your strategy has been. Effective marketing doesn’t just mean maintaining strong profits, but also a high level of patient retention to ensure that your success carries on into the future. From patient referrals and your practice website to front desk performance and average patient wait time, keep your finger on the pulse of your practice to make sure all is working.

Prioritize Customer Service.

Developing a reputation for consistently exceptional customer service is extremely beneficial for medical practices of all sizes. Word of mouth from your patient base is vital to establish your practice as a place new patients can expect the best-possible care and service.

Ask The Right Questions.

It’s important to look in the mirror and ask yourself some important questions about your practice and what you hope to achieve with your marketing effort. What are our core values? What unique benefits do we provide our patients? What are our areas of expertise? And most importantly, what message do we want to convey about our practice to new potential patients? Without solid answers to these questions, you will have a hard time marketing your practice.

Set Yourself Apart.

The world of healthcare marketing is extremely competitive. Your marketing content needs to portray your practice as professional, dependable, and trustworthy, while also not seeming too stuffy. Focus on what makes your practice unique and what you do best and do your best to drive that message home. Don’t be afraid to zig while your competitors zag in order to draw the attention of potential new patients.

Reflect Your Brand In Everything You Do.

Your branding needs to be consistent and apparent in everything your practice puts out. This applies to your website, social media pages, advertising copy, business cards, letterhead, direct marketing materials, and more. There should be a strong association in the mind of your patients between your logo and other branding materials and the services you provide them. The identity should also be reflected in the way your staff handles patients, how your front desk answer the phones, and how your practice operates overall.

Get Your Brand Out There!

Now that you have established your identity, it’s time to put it to good use. The best brand in the world can’t succeed if patients are never made aware of it. So work hard to put yourself out there. Utilize traditional marketing tools as well as newer tools like digital marketing and social media to put your practice into the minds of wide an audience as you can.

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