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Online advertising can be an excellent asset for medical practices. Digital advertising comes in many forms including pay-per-click (PPC) ads on popular search engines like Google and Bing, social media ad campaigns, or more. Creating engaging, quality, SEO-driven web content is a great start to an effective digital marketing campaign. Paid online advertising can provide that extra push necessary to position your business and your content in the best place to get noticed by your targeted audience. At McCauley Marketing Services, our marketing professionals can help custom-tailor the right online marketing strategy for your practice based on your unique medical specialties, budget, and patient base. Our trained staff combines extensive knowledge, creative and technical skill, trusted resources and our utmost discretion necessary to show your existing patients and potential new ones who you are and why your medical practice is worthy of their attention.


Print Advertising

Print advertising is still an integral component of a well-balanced healthcare marketing plan. After all, it is widely believed that people are far more likely to remember the things they read in magazines and other print publications. Print advertising offers the rare chance to reach a specifically targeted demographic that is focused solely on your ad (instead of the potential distractions that can alter the effectiveness of online and television advertising). Effective print advertising for medical practices should be clean and elegant, while simply stating the message you are trying to get across. Local magazines, newspapers, and business directories can all be valuable resources. Our team of professional writers and graphic designers has extensive experience working together to create effective, aesthetically satisfying and effective print advertisements for practices in a wide variety of medical fields. Click on the link below to view a sampling of our successful print advertising campaigns.


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