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McCauley Services specializes in helping you, as a business owner, develop and maintain a profitable clientele through strategic marketing and public relations tactics.  We take "Customer Relationship Management" to heart; and are passionate about maintaining our customer relationships- we begin by asking YOU questions, analyzing YOUR business and YOUR competition, identifying YOUR needs, and utilizing YOUR business’ advantages to maximize exposure so that your business doesn’t have to spend time and/or sacrifice service. Our success is solely determined by that of your company’s. Thus, we are devoted to producing results for YOU.

McCauley Marketing Services offers an extensive menu of services including : advertising, social media, graphic design, writing/copy writing, public relations, SEO, SEM, and customer relationship management. Our ability to skillfully adapt our marketing efforts to successfully complete a project, regardless of scope or industry, has kept McCauley Services in business for a decade. We’ve enjoyed serving many of our clients for a number of years and have watched them grow from promising start-ups to bustling businesses with exemplary reputations.

Results driven, McCauley Marketing Services thoroughly researches all of our clients (and their competitors) in creating fact-based marketing plans that work. Take a moment and browse our answers to your frequently asked marketing questions and the selection of past Articles and Public Relations campaigns to see how we truly do value the quality of our client’s reputations and the material we create to represent them.

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Mastering Paid Advertising on Facebook

Over the last few months, you may have noticed your Facebook organic reach steadily declined. Posts, pictures, hashtags, videos—you’ve tried them all, yet the numbers stay within the same range consistently or don’t budge at all. Then one day, you notice the “Boost Post” button and everything changes. There are differences between simply boosting a(…)

Meeting With Us? Here’s What You Can Do to Prepare

The McCauley Marketing Services team has evolved to serve mostly medical clients, for whom we provide services including websites, graphic design, copy writing, social media, and more. Our main goal is to help you develop and maintain a profitable business through the development of strategic marketing and public relations tactics. An important part of our(…)

How to Make Your Social Content Shine through 54.2 Million Facebook Pages

You read that right: current statistics indicate that 54,200,000 million pages now exist on Facebook. According to an ongoing study from Socialbakers, the average American likes an average of 70 pages on Facebook—a huge jump compared to the 4.5 average for pages liked in 2009. These 70 pages average more than a post per day.(…)

How to Address Online Reviews

There’s no denying we live in a technological age where information is readily available from just about anywhere.  Long gone are the days where word of mouth recommendations were the most “social” way a business could potentially gain new customers.  Today, the influx of peer review websites demand businesses take notice of their online presence. (…)

Using Testimonials for Medical Marketing & Promotions

Testimonials are an important part of many businesses spanning across nearly all industries. They are especially imperative for those in the medical profession, as people often look for real experiences from patients who have already had procedures and treatments they are considering. When you include testimonials on your website, they give potential patients or customers(…)

Taglines in Marketing: Branding & Rebranding

The best taglines have a clear message or represent the brand’s promise. When a great tagline is created, it often remains with the brand through their lifespan. Some of the most memorable taglines include Nike’s “Just Do It” and Allstate’s “You’re In Good Hands.” Taglines represent one of the main goals when the creative team(…)

Using Your Social Media Bios to Attract Followers

By now, you think may you have mastered the tweet and conquered the post, seizing each and every opportunity for great content at all the right times. However, when’s the last time you spruced up your bio on common social media platforms? Below, let McCauley Marketing Services guide you on the best ways to write(…)

Mastering the Hashtag

At McCauley Marketing Services, we don’t just perform a wide variety of marketing and advertising services, we master them. There is a feeling of security knowing the ins and outs of your business and being able to adapt to current trends. The hashtag originated in 2007 by a blogger before it was formally adopted by(…)

3 Easy Changes to Heat Up Your Marketing for Summer

It’s finally summertime! McCauley Marketing Services loves the growth, opportunity, and excitement that accompanies a new season. Not so exciting? Repetitive marketing patterns. After a while, marketing can start to feel a little bland. While you can spend hours researching emerging marketing trends to stay ahead of the game, there are often simple tweaks you(…)

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