Adopting New Marketing Technology

Adopting New Marketing TechnologyIn today’s fast-paced, ever-changing global marketplace, customers have more options than ever before.  World-wide telecommunication networks and same day delivery services have opened the door to literally millions of different businesses, each competing for a share of customer’s already overburdened attention.  Under these conditions, making your message stand out requires a creative and flexible, multi-level marketing campaign that seamlessly incorporates the latest search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, wide-ranging social media interaction, and careful, up-to-the-moment analysis.  In an effort to monitor all of these disparate elements, and to help keep them working together, many in the marketing world have adopted the use of various advanced internet tools, like Google Analytics or Hootsuite.  But just how necessary is all of this technology and what effect will it have on your ultimate marketing efforts? 

There is no doubt that online marketing tools can make a huge difference.  Planning and implementing a successful campaign requires a detailed analysis of existing trends as well as a way to carefully monitor shifting performance so that necessary adjustments can be made quickly.  The sheer volume of data involved can be overwhelming and many have trouble figuring out exactly where they should begin.  The ability to quickly organize and search that data can give marketers valuable insight into selecting effective keywords or planning times to post social media updates.  Different tools can help manage content, automate your email outreach, or even make your sales process more streamlined and convenient.  The possibilities are endless.

However, it can be a mistake to rely too heavily on automation tools when the real success of any marketing effort hinges on creative and engaging content.  Time and again, the marketing experts at McCauley Marketing Services have found that a content marketing strategy geared toward providing customers with valuable information that they want to see and learn about is usually the most effective way to achieve long-term success.  While tools can be invaluable for collecting and organizing data, and for making your efforts far more efficient and far-reaching, they ultimately cannot substitute for insight, creativity, and a keen insight into the human condition.  Without a group of experienced professionals to put them all in service to a greater plan, even the most sophisticated marketing tools are really doing nothing more than collecting dust on the shelf.

In the end, we recommend taking a balanced approach.  Be willing to adopt technology, but avoid the urge to be the first one to sign up until you understand the benefits and possible disadvantages.  Give yourself the time to really understand and implement what you are adopting by making no more than one or two changes in any given quarter.  Finally, remember that there is a very real cost in switching, so make sure that you aren’t trying to fix something that isn’t broken.  At McCauley Marketing, our team of copywriters and graphic designers has years of experience generating fresh and engaging content.  If you would like to explore how the McCauley Marketing Services team can make a difference for your business, schedule a marketing meeting today. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to share your tips and recommendations.