How to Keep Subscribers from Opting Out of Your Email Marketing

You’ve worked diligently with your marketing team to build your marketing plan, complete with social media strategies, website blueprints, and as recent research suggests is most important—effective email marketing.  At McCauley Marketing Services, a full-service medical marketing company, we help you create an stable email list by producing the content that your audience needs while conveying your message efficiently. Now, here’s what to do to keep your contacts happy, educated, interested, and most importantly, subscribed.

email marketingGetting an email list together can seem like a daunting task to begin with, but a key rule to remember is to stick to your marketing strategy. Don’t let marketing ADD (more on that in an upcoming blog!) get to you–rather than wasting hours researching and compiling thousands of approaches to try out, stick to two to three for a substantial amount of time to see what really works. We encourage being open to change, but believe that it is necessary to see a strategy run for long enough period to see the outcome.

Now that you’ve got your email list in order, here’s what you can do to make your subscribers stay put. When your business communicates consistently with your audience on both social media and email marketing, you are more likely to be in their minds and become their first choice for your type of services. By staying in contact, you can begin to build subconscious trust and authority within your field.

Unlike social media, email marketing is completely in your hands: no overbearing advertising rules, constant changes in guidelines and formatting, or newsfeed competition can be found in this marketing medium. Welcome your new subscribers with a customized thank you email, and provide incentives like a first-time subscriber coupon if you can. Be sure your newsletters have valuable content and not just promotional material. Link to external content on your website such as recently penned SEO-optimized blogs and current special offers. Regardless of the size of your email list, remember that these are a group of people that genuinely want to keep up with your business and buy your products, so treat them well by producing the best content possible!

Remember: just because you don’t want people to unsubscribe does not mean they will not. Some of the most common reasons people unsubscribe are too many emails, uninteresting subjects, impersonalized content, and disregard for feedback. According to MailChimp, making sure the unsubscribe option is clear within your email is essential to email marketing success. Otherwise, those wanting to unsubscribe are likely to mark you as ‘spam’, which will actually lead to your email automatically going to spam in other people’s inboxes.

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5 Tips for Great Website Landing Page SEO and Copy

As a full-service medical marketing company, McCauley Marketing Services covers more bases than just creating a website. We want to create a website for our clients that visitors see, hear, and love. As a client, when you’re reviewing the websites created for you by your marketing company, be sure to look out for these key points that should be covered. As a marketer, here’s what we recommend you do to reach your clients’ goals and exceed their expectations.

website design company

1. Convince them they want more. Great copy isn’t just for entertainment: it can also help your search engine optimization (SEO). Your main goal when writing copy for your landing page should be to incite readers to take action, click around, and engage.
2. Use your best keywords…then use them again. Make a list of your most applicable keywords and put them into search engines to see what they bring up. If no relevant pages come up, revamp your keywords! Add any applicable suggestions from the search engine to your list as well. Then, when you write your web copy, use those keywords as often as possible without sacrificing eloquent writing that suits your brand’s voice.
3. Fine tune your URL. A landing page URL containing a keyword can be quite appealing to search engines. Your main keyword should be in your landing page’s URL if at all possible, but do not try to stuff in multiple keywords to avoid being blatantly obvious that you are trying to get clicks. Avoid looking spammy at all costs.
4. Put valuable keywords in your headline. We can’t stress the importance of utilizing essential keywords enough when copywriting. If you can make it work in your headline, do it! SEO robots handle the headline as an indication that your landing page is pertinent to the keyword found within it; therefore it will value your website more.
5. Be user-focused. The easier to read, understand, and navigate, the better. Your visitors are likely to quickly get frustrated and leave if they cannot figure out how to get to a certain section of your website, such as a contact page. Break up long sections of copy. Organize your navigation menus effectively. Think about what you personally would like to see and then try to relate it with your potential visitors or demographic.

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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Day-to-Day Business

Spring is a great time to renew your mind, surroundings, and your business and marketing plans. In order to be the most effective in your field and deliver the results your clients desire (in turn creating the return your business deserves), it’s important to properly categorize, organize, and consolidate. McCauley Marketing Services offers suggestions on prioritizing your organizational efforts as we head into a new season.

business-tipsRid yourself of excuses. If all advice you’ve been given recently is matched by an excuse as to why you can’t revamp you’re business or marketing plan, it may be time to take a step back and evaluate. Reinvest in your business and find ways to overcome whatever hurdle thrown your way, financial, managerial, or otherwise. Find the solution and stick with it long enough to be able to analyze it’s success. Stay focused.

Tidy up—literally. Physically de-cluttering your desk can relieve you of a lot of unnecessary stress. Reminders here and there are fine, but once something becomes irrelevant, toss it! File away business cards, notes, and miscellaneous documents in a searchable, organized manner.

Clean up social media profiles. In today’s digital landscape, social media marketing is an imperative aspect to success. If you’re handling your own, post consciously and tailored to your target demographic. As for your personal or company LinkedIn pages, make sure your profile is complete. Make as many meaningful connections as possible (always reach out with a short personal invitation), write a keyword-loaded summary, and ask colleagues to write positive recommendations for you.

Control your inbox. For many people, a pileup of emails can become a thorn in their side rather than a means of effective communication. Clean it up continuously to save yourself the hassle of spending hours categorizing. Save important e-mails and addresses, unsubscribe from newsletters that have become unnecessary, and move on.

Shape up your to-do list. If something has been lingering on your to-do list for far too long, consider what’s most important. For example, contemplate all the things that compete for your time, and decide what needs immediate attention and what can be addressed later. If you have too many things vying for your attention, make it a point to narrow down your focus and make a timeline for when projects need to be completed. Stop beating yourself up for not getting to every superfluous task immediately.

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4 Ways for Fantastic Web Copy

McCauley Marketing Services’ team of copywriters study the best ways of writing effective copy, tackling our clients’ business needs with persuasive words. From encouraging customers to come in for an eye exam to helping future patients understand breast reconstruction, we study the trade secrets to successfully marketing our web copy to get results for our clients. Read on for a few tips on how we do it.advertising mccauley services

  1. Identify and speak to your ideal reader. Before even beginning writing web content, visualize your preferred writer and speak to them. Consider demographics such as age, gender, education, income, and background. This is not to say that your products will only service that specific person, but it should make whoever closely matches your chosen readers feel that your content is handwritten for them. Influence your customers and potential customers feel like they need you as much as you need them.
  2. Take the focus off of yourself. While you probably don’t want this to be true, your customers can be far more interested in themselves than your services. Rather than rambling on about your features and specifications, tell your web visitors exactly what you can do for them. Can you make them less stressed, healthier, or happier with your services? Great! Tell them.
  3. Think content first, then Google. Write for your readers before thinking about search engine optimization (SEO). While the skilled content creator will always have SEO in the back of their minds to bring to the forefront in the editing stages, it’s more important to think about creating great content first. Frequently using the same words your ideal reader uses increases your chances of being found in Google. Simple as that. Be authentic.
  4. Make (single, double, triple) error-checking a priority. Don’t make your hard work appear less credible than it is—you deserve the best! Mistakes in web copy are easily findable and fixed by having your work edited multiple times by a few different people. Check it first yourself for consistency in subject matter, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and correct linking before adding to your website.


At McCauley Marketing Services, we will thoroughly research your company’s respective service demographic, using our extensive network of print media resources and contacts to formulate web copy to maximize your company’s exposure and profitability. If you’re interested in engaging your audience with effective practices, contact us today and learn the latest in marketing trends and tools. Be sure to connect with us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

Quick and Easy Ways to Grow Your Twitter Following

Wondering what you can do to get more followers on Twitter—and keep them there? Full-service boutique marketing company McCauley Marketing Services provides easy tips and tricks to jumpstart your Twitter marketing for the upcoming spring season.

  • Don’t over-promote. Your followers don’t only follow you to be informed of your services, but because they also want to learn more about you. Throw in personal notes and interact with others. For best results and a trusting social audience, it is widely accepted to apply the 80/20 rule to all social media platforms (Facebook included). Aim to spend 80% of your social time interacting with and promoting others and 20% of the time endorsing your services.Twitter Icon
  • Stop it with the hashtags. You may have seen the viral bit where new Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and superstar Justin Timberlake play off each other by speaking in hashtags. While a great and hilarious sketch, it doesn’t translate to real life. In general, over-tagging makes your posts look like spam and reduces the likelihood of a retweet. We recommend sticking to one to three per tweet. #ListenToUs #SpammersBeware #IncreaseShareability (See what we did there?)
  • Beware the direct reply. If you want more people to see your interaction, consider a tweet rephrase. Don’t start your tweets with the ‘@’ symbol. Rephrasing so the Twitter handle is within the tweet or even has a period in front of it increases visibility and social presence. Make every tweet count!
  • Don’t overload your followers. We know, we know. You have a lot to say! Instead of posting your tweets back to back, consider using a program that allows you to schedule tweets ahead of time, such as Tweetdeck. Be sure to give adequate space between each message.


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