How Paying Attention to Posting Times Nabs Social Media Engagement

At McCauley Marketing Services, we spend a lot of time coming up with marketing strategies that most effectively reach our clients’ target audiences. This includes a lot of trial and error, tried-and-true methods, and discussion to determine what works and what simply does not. It may sound obvious, but one way that has proven effective to pulling in and engaging fans and followers is watching the clock. No, no…we don’t mean monitoring social media 24/7 or bolting out of the office at 5:00PM—we mean determining the right posting time for each client to reach the right people.

deadline end of month  conceptPosting times vary greatly depending on the social media platform you are using. Various research studies exist touting to know the exact time to post on Facebook each day, but we find that this really varies depending on our audiences. We use Facebook Insights to determine what time the most people are online for each of our clients, and will try to post around that time unless the social content we are posting is time specific (i.e. an event that is occurring that day will be posted early in the day, regardless). According to Social Media Today, engagement rates on Facebook tend to increase 18% when workers hit a “slump,” usually on Tuesdays or Fridays. Research from BufferSocial suggests that around 1:00PM is the ideal time to get shares, while posting at 3:00PM can get you some extra clicks.

When it comes to Twitter, use your weekends wisely. Twitter usage highly increases on the weekends, so it’s best to schedule more tweets on Saturday and Sunday. Scheduling tools like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, and Buffer are all reliable options for scheduling tweets ahead of time. Don’t be afraid of Twitter overload if you’re just posting 2 to 4 times per day—it’s easy for your tweet to get lost in the user’s stream if you don’t post often enough. On the other hand, posting on the weekends on LinkedIn offers no real benefits, as most people check it before or after work.

While statistics show that certain times are effective for upping post engagement, we notice a lot of adjustments and differences in our varying client’s social media based on demographics. Remember to always do what is best for your specific audience. For more insights on social media or if you’re interested in learning how to effectively take hold of your marketing, contact us today. Be sure to connect with us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

Healthcare on Social Media: Setting Up the Basics

While some argue that healthcare doesn’t have a place on social media, we beg to differ. If you desire a branded practice with a distinct online voice that represents your true persona as a business, social media is great place to start and encourage a conversation with current and future patients. Though beginning your social media pages can be a bit daunting, McCauley Marketing Services is here to walk you through. Below, find four basic points to touch on when setting up your social media pages and creating a social media marketing strategy with our team.

McCauley Marketing Services Atlanta GATarget market: Who is it?

  • Pinpointing your target audience so that you can tailor your content specifically to them can strengthen, streamline, and focus your efforts.  Ask yourself questions about your current patient base as well as the ideal patients you want to see more of.  Samples: What types of procedures are they most interested in? What is their age range? Where do they live?  What websites or social media pages do they currently like?

Goals: What do you want to achieve, and how long are you giving it?

  • When you made the decision to jump on the social media train, you had a purpose outside of just existing among competition. Are you selling a product that you’d like to increase the potential amount of buyers for? Do you aim to direct more traffic to your website or blogs? A great thing about social media is that it is very quantifiable, so you are able to see what content works best with concrete numbers to back it up. While creating your goals, establish timelines along the way to ensure you’re getting the results you desire and on the same page as your marketing team.

Budget: How much do you realistically want to put into your social media?

  • It may be free to set up an account on most social media platforms, but paid advertising is an increasingly popular and often effective way to reach a wider audience. How much do you want to put towards advertising? We recommend trial periods of putting a certain amount of dollars into advertising per month and adjusting your budget until you reach a number that balances your financial ability and marketing goals.

Peers: Who do you admire?

  • Observe what other businesses like yours are doing online. Which social media platforms do they use and what kind of content do people seem to engage with? What tactics of theirs would you like to emulate, and what would you rather stay away from?

When you meet with us, McCauley Marketing Services, we will cover far more than just the basics of setting up accounts and are happy to help you understand the social media process in an easily comprehendible way. If you’re interested in starting the journey to effectively marketing your healthcare business with us on social media and beyond, contact us today.  Be sure to connect with us, McCauley Marketing Services, on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

Mastering Paid Advertising on Facebook

Over the last few months, you may have noticed your Facebook organic reach steadily declined. Posts, pictures, hashtags, videos—you’ve tried them all, yet the numbers stay within the same range consistently or don’t budge at all. Then one day, you notice the “Boost Post” button and everything changes.

facebook-1There are differences between simply boosting a post and creating an advertisement, though both create similar effects. While you may be weary to start shelling out bucks, Facebook advertising does have its benefits and as of now, it’s being adopted by millions of users and marketing companies.  Facebook has a hugely diverse audience, allowing you to reach as many people as with radio or TV advertising.  However, with Facebook advertising, you can target precisely to users with interests that pertain to your business and detailed demographics on a relatively low budget.

There are a few things you can do to make your Facebook advertisements stand out. Firstly, write copy as you would for a print advertisement. Make it compelling, eye-catching, and clickable. Always include a graphic of some kind whether it’s hand-crafted by a graphic designer or a stock photo. Secondly, always use ads that are placed within a newsfeed. According to the Marine Software Social Index report from Q2-Q3 2013 as reported by Social Media Today, newsfeed ads attained a 44 times higher click through rate (CTR) than right hand side placed ads. As an added bonus, newsfeed ads achieve 67% lower costs per click than right hand side ads.

Always be sure to make your ads mobile-friendly, as many people scroll through Facebook almost exclusively on their smartphones. Facebook recently introduced a custom audience feature that allows you to target advertising by uploading email lists, phone number lists, Google+ circles, and more. If your email marketing is suffering, moving your email list contacts over to Facebook can be an effective strategy to recapture the attention of silent consumers.

Don’t fear Facebook’s advertising model. A small budget can work wonders, and as of now, Facebook isn’t totally paid or pigeon-holed—you have a variety of options. In the long run, investing in social media means investing in the inevitable future of your customer base. Play around with your audience to see what strategies work best for you.  If you’re interested in starting the journey to effectively marketing your business with us on social media and beyond, contact us today.  Be sure to connect with us, McCauley Marketing Services, on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

Meeting With Us? Here’s What You Can Do to Prepare

The McCauley Marketing Services team has evolved to serve mostly medical clients, for whom we provide services including websites, graphic design, copy writing, social media, and more. Our main goal is to help you develop and maintain a profitable business through the development of strategic marketing and public relations tactics. An important part of our ongoing client relationships are productive meetings–especially the ones early in our partnership. Below, you’ll find a few things we like to cover with new clients initially that can also be revisited at any time by our more seasoned accounts.


business-meetingAsk yourself or your team: what do you want to see happen with your marketing in correlation to your business growth? Consider both short- and long-term goals before our meeting. Rather than vaguely stating that you’d like to see more patients, be specific. For example, we may pose questions to gauge if you’re aiming to see a 5% increase in patients over the next six months, or want to get to 1,000 fans that truly have the potential to turn into clients or patients on social media by the end of the year. By being specific, we can make sure we are satisfying your ideal outcomes that you had in mind when you hired us as your marketing team.


Though the most effective marketing results are certainly team generated, if you have more than one go-to person managing edits and changes to marketing efforts, you goals will either not be reached or be severely stalled. Have one key point of contact to manage the input from your entire time to streamline the process.


Be clear and realistic with what you are willing and able to spend. To work with you on the development of a marketing strategy, we want to do all we can within a budget to reach your goal. As a small, tight-knit agency, your budget is irrelevant to us pertaining to how much money we receive from you. Rather, the focus on resources we can utilize to produce the best results and achieve your goals and profits you desire.

Target Market:

Take the time to lay out for us your ideal patient or client who you see most within your practice, as well as who you’d like to see more of. This is extremely important when developing your strategy. If your practice sees many young people, focusing heavily on social media will reach a good percentage of them. On the other hand, if you see mostly seniors, a mix of marketing tools and tactics will likely be more effective.

It’s also very helpful when our clients disclose their strengths and weaknesses so that we may focus on each accordingly. If you’re interested in starting the journey to effectively marketing your business with us, contact us today.  Be sure to connect with us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

How to Make Your Social Content Shine through 54.2 Million Facebook Pages

You read that right: current statistics indicate that 54,200,000 million pages now exist on Facebook. According to an ongoing study from Socialbakers, the average American likes an average of 70 pages on Facebook—a huge jump compared to the 4.5 average for pages liked in 2009. These 70 pages average more than a post per day. That’s somewhere near 2,100 updates each month that each user is meant to see. When you’re one of them, it’s hard to grasp and strategize how you can shine through these many other pages. With this huge increase in posts, reaching your engagement goals can be difficult.  To increase engagement, giving attention to content quality, frequency, and posting times can help. Here are some other helpful tips to focus on to keep great social content at the forefront.

social media click farmsBe credible. At McCauley Marketing Services, we focus largely on medical marketing; therefore we must always put dependable material first.  Never share content solely for clicks or likes—be trustworthy and check your facts.

Incite conversation. We understand you want to inform your audience of your services and products, this often leaves little to no opportunity for discussion. Instead, include starting a dialogue and asking questions people want to answer on social media in your marketing plan.

Exude emotion.  Yes, facts can be interesting. Instead of having them take up your whole feed, mix in content that provokes a reaction that doesn’t make people want to scroll past your posts immediately. Be enthusiastic in your posts—negativity is never a good idea.

Ask for sharing until you no longer need to. Likes and comments are great, but a share goes a long way when it comes to getting your content seen. In the beginning stages of attempting to increase social media engagement, you may need to ask for this. As time goes on and your content gets better, people will want to do it on their own.

Illustrate their minds. Whenever you can, have a visually-stimulating component to your posts. Whether that’s transforming a simple text quote to a colorful graphic or finding an applicable photo to complement your content, this is a great way to stay on-trend with current marketing practices and please an ever-changing audience.

What would you add to this list? Head over to our FacebookTwitter, and Google+ pages and let us know. For more on creating engaging social content, contact us today and learn the latest in marketing trends and tools.

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