5 Do’s of Medical Marketing on Social Media

At McCauley Marketing Services, we provide quality care and marketing for a variety of medically-based clients. From dermatologists to surgeons, we value putting our best foot forward to make sure your marketing is in line with sensitive practice standards while remaining engaging with your fans. While challenging, here are five rules we work by when marketing and advertising our medical clients on social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

  1. atlanta-medical-marketing-companyDO prioritize privacy. Confidential patient information has no place on social media. Even in private messaging, it’s important to move private conversations that regard details of conditions or questions of advice to a different means of correspondence. In most cases, it’s best not to ignore these types of efforts from patients to reach out. Always give a phone number or alternate email to address their issue.
  2. DO keep quality in mind. In today’s world, quantity seems to take precedence over quality. In the case of medical marketing on social media, this is not a good strategy. Post at a frequency that your followers don’t feel bombarded by, such as one post per day. The more unnecessary your posts become, the more likely you are to lose followers.
  3. DO switch up your content. Along the same lines, you risk losing followers and interest when the same content is repeatedly posted. Look for articles that pertain to your industry, but don’t necessarily come from your own website or organization. Variation is critical to piquing interest. Try posting credible articles, videos, and personal photos.
  4. DO use analytics. Relying on numbers can help with determining the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Facebook has beneficial features and analytics for determining the time your audience is online, what posts get the most fan engagement, and more. Distinguishing which post types drive the most traffic to your website, get the most likes/shares/retweets, or generate new followers should always be considered.
  5. DO engage. If someone takes the time to comment on a post, reply to a tweet, or personally write you, do your best to respond. Even a quick thank you is better than risking making the patient or potential customer feel ignored or unvalued.


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Shhhh! Twitter Introduces New ‘Mute’ Function

Are you following a Twitter user that you sometimes wish would just stop tweeting? At McCauley Marketing Services, we understand your pain. Sometimes, it can seem like an emotional commitment to unfollow someone and deal with the hurt feelings that may ensue. Fortunately, Twitter has your back.

Twitter IconOn their official blog, Twitter laid out exactly what the mute feature does in basic terms: “In the same way you can turn on device notifications so you never miss a Tweet from your favorite users, you can now mute users you’d like to hear from less.” While you won’t see Tweets and Retweets from the muted user in your home timeline, the muted user will still be able to favorite, reply to and retweet your Tweets—you just won’t know it. And thankfully, they won’t know they are muted, either. We’ve seen a similar function before on Facebook, where it’s easy to hide users who you prefer seeing less frequently without clicking the dreaded “unfriend” button.

So, while this function is great for cleaning up your timeline while leaving feelings intact, what happens when your content leads you to be the muted user? For companies, this could become a common occurrence if the proper steps aren’t taken. This means limiting your usage of constant commands to retweet, share, and follow-back in order to create and keep an audience who cares. We’ve talked before about valuing engagement with social media fans and followers, and now is the perfect time to really learn what that means and put it into practice. An easy way to do this is to shift the focus from your company to your users. What are they engaging with? What’s trending today? Is there an applicable topic that you can jump in on? If so, create content that will blend nicely into your followers’ timelines and not seem so “phish-y”.

Overall, there is no reason to fear the mute button, especially with a team like McCauley Marketing Services on your side. Our team of social media writers uses their current event savvy to accompany analysis of your needs and audience to enhance your respective company’s brand identity and engage followers. For more information, check out our frequently asked questions about marketing with social media. Be sure to follow McCauley Services on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Pinterest or contact us for assistance with your social media strategy.

5 Approaches to Positively Influencing Social Media Fans

Even at McCauley Marketing Services, we all have not-so-great days. For anyone, a shining sun-filled morning can turn into a dreadful raincloud of an afternoon. But somehow, even on a bad day, a little burst of positive affirmation or observation of encouraging interaction can turn a sour disposition around for many of us. Did you know that your brand or personal name has the opportunity to do this for someone? By making your social media pages a harbor for constructive interaction, you can win over fans and influence others to spread encouragement and establish a reputable name for yourself. Marketing shouldn’t be all about numbers and metrics—it’s also about creating a place where fans want to go.

  1. All-Social-Media-Buttons-in-RowLet your fans know how much you appreciate them sincerely. Instead of announcing in excitement how many fans you have, thank your audience for choosing you. When you show appreciation and encouragement to your fans, the kickback is three fold: they are not only more likely to come back and view you more positively, but pass it on to others.
  1. Own up! Do not avoid fixing a social media mistake—it happens, so don’t ignore it. Everyone will inevitably have mishaps, and as humans, we need to accept this. Professionally addressing the problem, making no excuses, and swiftly moving on is always a great marketing strategy for maintaining a solid business image.
  1. Engage with the interests of your audience. You’ve got a leg up on this, because as fans on your page, they are already interested in you. Listen to and observe the activity of your fans and engage with it. Ask questions that people want to answer and make it easy for fans to talk about themselves.
  1. Avoid arguments at all costs. If someone is making negative comments on your social media page, do your best to hide them and address the manner privately and professionally.
  1. In all circumstances, celebrate! Revel in your latest news, contests, events and accomplishments. People want to celebrate and be involved with you—perhaps this is why the latest Facebook algorithm has changed to bring statuses and photos that incite a congratulatory response to the top of your newsfeed. Request participation in any future events and disclose your recent developments with your community.


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5 Tips for Creating and Sticking to a Marketing Plan

Pairing up with a full-service marketing team like McCauley Marketing Services is one of the most effective moves you can make to grow your business. While contacting us is simple, sticking with a marketing plan for long enough to see results can be challenging for some. Make no mistake: the marketing plan you define at the beginning stages of growth doesn’t have to be permanent. In fact, we encourage trying out new methods of reaching your target audience and keeping in tune with the latest marketing trends in techniques while tracking results along the way. Defining the key principles and tactics that make up your marketing plan and focusing on them is essential for success. Below, find five tips that will help you hang on to your strategies until the results are right before your eyes.

  1. marketing planCommunicate with your marketing team. It’s natural to become interested in marketing tactics and trends. However, remember why you approached a specialized team in the first place. Were you unsure of the inner workings of social media? Confused by the meaning of SEO? Work with your dedicated team, and try to make decisions advised by professionals. Recognize that your marketing team is doing everything within their power to promote you in the best way possible, and do your part to ensure you are treating patrons in ways that will help you avoid negative online reviews. Aim your strategy to garner positive interactions and in turn increase repeat customers.
  2. Avoid obsession with competition. Identifying your competition is a key component of effective marketing. Educating yourself about the competitive landscape within your industry will allow you to not only respectively position yourself but effectively target your message. However, obsessively monitoring your competition takes away from your overall business focus. We agree that competition should be examined, but worrying about whether their strategy is better than yours is not productive and distracts from the main focus—your customers.
  3. Don’t throw other strategies into the mix without consideration. While all of the websites and blogs constantly scrutinizing new marketing strategies that enter the realm, it may be tempting to ditch your plan for a shiny, new platform that isn’t yet proven to work efficiently. Consider how the new tactic fits into the overall business plan or strategy you’ve devised with your team. If it’s a perfect missing puzzle piece—go for it. Otherwise, save the idea for later.
  4. Measure and evaluate. Have you ever embarked on a healthy living journey? The beginning stages can be hard. You may miss your convenience food and sedentary ways, and in the beginning, you can grow tired of making choices you aren’t used to. Then, you see the scale move, notice new muscle definition, or wake up feeling better than ever. From that point on, you’re determined to see your goal through to the end. Seeing results is often the best way to stay motivated. Maintain your strategy and don’t get distracted by schemes, competition, or meaningless tactics.
  5. Stay consistent. Remember why you started: great marketing plans keep you in line with your goal and on target as you let marketing campaigns run their courses, boosting your effectiveness and in turn, making you money. Creating and following a marketing plan is a first-rate method of keeping your business focused and on the ball. Strategies must be given time to work. Testing strategies for several months will give you greater insight into what works and doesn’t work. When it’s time to revise a strategy, having valid data to confirm or negate certain tactics allows you to tweak a strategy to make it more successful than before.

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How to Keep Subscribers from Opting Out of Your Email Marketing

You’ve worked diligently with your marketing team to build your marketing plan, complete with social media strategies, website blueprints, and as recent research suggests is most important—effective email marketing.  At McCauley Marketing Services, a full-service medical marketing company, we help you create an stable email list by producing the content that your audience needs while conveying your message efficiently. Now, here’s what to do to keep your contacts happy, educated, interested, and most importantly, subscribed.

email marketingGetting an email list together can seem like a daunting task to begin with, but a key rule to remember is to stick to your marketing strategy. Don’t let marketing ADD (more on that in an upcoming blog!) get to you–rather than wasting hours researching and compiling thousands of approaches to try out, stick to two to three for a substantial amount of time to see what really works. We encourage being open to change, but believe that it is necessary to see a strategy run for long enough period to see the outcome.

Now that you’ve got your email list in order, here’s what you can do to make your subscribers stay put. When your business communicates consistently with your audience on both social media and email marketing, you are more likely to be in their minds and become their first choice for your type of services. By staying in contact, you can begin to build subconscious trust and authority within your field.

Unlike social media, email marketing is completely in your hands: no overbearing advertising rules, constant changes in guidelines and formatting, or newsfeed competition can be found in this marketing medium. Welcome your new subscribers with a customized thank you email, and provide incentives like a first-time subscriber coupon if you can. Be sure your newsletters have valuable content and not just promotional material. Link to external content on your website such as recently penned SEO-optimized blogs and current special offers. Regardless of the size of your email list, remember that these are a group of people that genuinely want to keep up with your business and buy your products, so treat them well by producing the best content possible!

Remember: just because you don’t want people to unsubscribe does not mean they will not. Some of the most common reasons people unsubscribe are too many emails, uninteresting subjects, impersonalized content, and disregard for feedback. According to MailChimp, making sure the unsubscribe option is clear within your email is essential to email marketing success. Otherwise, those wanting to unsubscribe are likely to mark you as ‘spam’, which will actually lead to your email automatically going to spam in other people’s inboxes.

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