The Power of Social Media and Email Marketing

As internet technology continues to advance, the engines used for getting your voice heard increases. Whether you’re promoting your business or just simply venting in 140 characters or less, social media has become an avenue for entrepreneurial expressionism. Previously companies have been able to get the word out just by clicking “tweet” or “post”, but according to Entrepreneur’s article titled “Survey: Email Is 40 Times More Effective than Facebook and Twitter,” there is an argument that email continues to be the most effective way of marketing.

email marketing in atlanta gaHere at McCauley Marketing Services we believe in the power of utilizing both social media and email marketing.  Using social media marketing, we can provide efficient and quick information while maintaining strong communication with our clients via outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogging. The benefits of adding email marketing to your campaign, in combination with social media, is that you can expand your message without the confines of character limits.  This doesn’t mean that you should send a novel-length email; being concise is still crucial in retaining your audience and minimizing your unopen rate.  With both social media and emailing regards, it is important for businesses to act as reputable sources for their followers and create an effective campaign that will connect with the appropriate demographic so that the right people will relate to your brand.

When it comes to email marketing, our team provides a proficient strategy that targets audiences through a variety of techniques, specifically with the use of newsletters or e-blasts. Our purpose is to inform and we do so by maintaining relationships and regularly interacting with our customers. Though you want to avoid having your emails end up in a recipient’s trash or spam, it is important to analyze your business and meet your clients’ needs in order to help expand the outreach of your brand.

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Hand in Hand: The Connection Between Volunteerism and Professional Networking

Volunteering is a great way to positively impact others, promoting convergence of the public and a more unified community to surround yourself with. Often, unpaid volunteers are the unseen hands that work to keep communities together. At McCauley Marketing Services, we advocate for community as an option for expanding your network while positively outreaching, making new friends, and enhancing your networking skills.

professional networkingVolunteering offers you the chance to try out a new experience or career without making a long-term commitment, which could contribute to the reason why professional social network LinkedIn has added a new Volunteer Marketplace to complement their extensive list of features. The new feature will allow users to search for volunteer opportunities that require particular skill sets, such as open board seats at non-profits.

According to a Mashable article, since August 2013, more than 600,000 people have expressed interest in these types of opportunities. Over 3 million users have added volunteer experience and supported causes to their profile since 2011, a time period where LinkedIn experienced rich growth as a network when users realized the power of its ROI (return on investment). 500 postings went live in the last week, with plans to add more in the coming weeks according to LinkedIn representatives.

The process of posting a volunteer opening or board seat mirrors the procedure of posting a job. The only thing dissimilar is price point: where normal job postings cost between $20 and $40, volunteer postings cost 10% of that. The company plans to reinvest any revenue back into the program.

The hours you log volunteering may expose you to professional organizations or opportunities that could lead to growth in your business. Additionally, volunteering can aid in mastering skills you already have, using them to generate and benefit existing connections within your community. For example, if you are already a successful salesman or marketing professional, raising awareness for a worthy cause as a volunteer advocate can also further develop public speaking, communication, and marketing skills.

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Would You Pay For Social Media ‘Likes’?

Just as many New Year dieters are cutting out unhealthy foods, some may soon be cutting phony ‘likes’ out of their social media menus. From celebrity fan pages to the U.S. State Department, many businesses have paid for likes from “click farms.”  These organizations exist solely to like your statuses, pictures, and fan pages while viewing videos hundreds of times and incessantly retweeting to inflate numbers and garner your business more attention and supposedly, professional clout. At McCauley Marketing Services, we encourage our clients to be cautious of these organizations in order to avoid unethical business practices or the risk of account suspension.

social media click farmsAccording to the Associated Press, click farms are no small business. While they charge as little as half a cent per click, the large market allows for millions of dollars to be pocketed. Because real people are actually clicking ‘like’ rather than a computer program, it is difficult to track which likes are paid and which are the real deal—but investigators are aiming to. Italian security researchers and bloggers Andrea Stroppa and Carla De Micheli reported an approximation that sales of fake Twitter followers have the potential to bring in $40 million to $360 million to date, and that fake Facebook activities bring in $200 million a year.

According to Business Insider, 74% of respondents to a survey in August 2013 said their Facebook marketing budgets include spending on paid ads, a 20% increase since June 2012. The type of “paid like” from a click farm differs from the likes garnered from a paid ad on Facebook, viewable through Facebook Insights. There are three types of paid likes on Facebook that make up the number you see in your insights:  likes from ads, mobile ads, and sponsored stories. For marketers, it is important to understand the impact of paid advertising and avoid attributing paid likes to efficacious community management strategies. In order to truly make an impact on an audience, it is important to focus trends that promote organic likes that cannot be attributed to paid advertisements.

In the end, paying for likes doesn’t actually benefit anyone. In actuality, the return on investment (ROI) is low and your account is likely to be taken down. At McCauley Marketing Services, we teach our clients to focus on quality of fans rather than quantity. Fans of quality that are truly interested in your service or product will help you profit and grow your business far more efficiently than a large number of unresponsive fans that are unwilling to interact. Facebook does frequent purges of fraudulent accounts, which they estimate there are 14.1 million out of their 1.18 billion active users. They aren’t alone:  YouTube took down billions of music industry video views last year after auditors found some videos apparently had exaggerated numbers of views. Google is also constantly combatting people who generate fake clicks on their ads.

While the Federal Trade Commission and several state attorney generals have cracked down on fake online endorsements or reviews on several popular review-driven websites, fake clicks are yet to be weighed in on outside of independent social media marketing organizations that focus on dissolving the illusion of fake fan bases. However, we don’t doubt that they will be addressed in the future.

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Happy Holidays from the McCauley Marketing Services Team!

Over the year, the McCauley Marketing Services team has stayed busy keeping up with all of the social media trends, technology innovations, updates with search engine optimization (SEO), and of course most importantly—our clients. We would like to take a moment to thank you all for your continued support as we begin a new year.

happy-holidaysEarlier this year, we expanded to a larger office in Norcross for our bright and growing team.  As we reflect on the past years, we’ve enjoyed the time we’ve had in serving many of our clients and have watched them grow even stronger with exemplary reputations.  Throughout 2013, we were happy to participate in various industry events, enjoyed nurturing an open dialogue within our marketing family, through the help of our blog and other social media platforms and are thrilled to see the continued successes of our clients!  We anticipate great things to come in 2014 and can’t wait to share them with you all.

From the McCauley Marketing Services family to yours, we look forward to the New Year and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy, safe and successful New Year.

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