Mastering the Hashtag

At McCauley Marketing Services, we don’t just perform a wide variety of marketing and advertising services, we master them. There is a feeling of security knowing the ins and outs of your business and being able to adapt to current trends. The hashtag originated in 2007 by a blogger before it was formally adopted by Twitter in 2009. Hashtags are used to search popular, relevant topics for both business and personal life. Even if a topic is not trending, hashtags can be a great way to find likeminded people discussing the same interests as you. Below, find five effective ways to use hashtags for your business on common social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.

  1. hashtagTalk about what matters to people, not just what matters to you. Instead of hashtagging the name of your practice on social media, hashtag a common service or result of your service that may be researched. For example, if you own a spa and are tweeting, you could tag #skincare, #skintips, or #beautifulskin.
  1. Be creative. On the other hand, creating your own hashtag is a common marketing trend today and represents a new type of branding. Use creativity in marketing and use the hashtag consistently to increase the likelihood of being found.
  1. Keep it simple. A short, to the point hashtag is far more advantageous than something long and too specific. One to three words should do the trick.
  1. Participate in popular “day of the week” hashtags. Follow Fridays and Throwback Thursdays are easily applicable to any business. Simply make sure your Follow Friday picks stick to a common theme, such as fellow people within your practice or social media accounts within your industry. As for Throwback Thursday, you can either include personal pictures or early pictures from your business. There are plenty of other popular hashtags to join in on as well.
  1. Remember their alternate uses. As we covered, hashtags can be used to mark a topic or the basic point of your message. However, they can also give you an opportunity to apply your brand to a current event, convey your personality, or provide commentary or context.


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3 Easy Changes to Heat Up Your Marketing for Summer

It’s finally summertime! McCauley Marketing Services loves the growth, opportunity, and excitement that accompanies a new season. Not so exciting? Repetitive marketing patterns. After a while, marketing can start to feel a little bland. While you can spend hours researching emerging marketing trends to stay ahead of the game, there are often simple tweaks you can make that provide big results. Below, find three simple tips for changing up your marketing that are worth the (minimal) effort.

  1. business-meetingGraphics: Get the visual stimulation going. Social media is rapidly changing, with new algorithms consistently adjusting and modifying. Before you know it, your fail-proof posting techniques are null and void. One thing that generally works is entertaining your audience. Creating and sharing graphics on social media is great way to engage your audience. Post graphics to Facebook or Twitter that also work within or are compatible with a blog post. Make sure to provide a link to the corresponding blog, if applicable.
  1. Headlines: Simply using your blog’s title isn’t enough to get people to click on it. Try some “click-bait” techniques from popular websites and magazines. Formulate questions, use small pieces of information from your content, or start headlines with typical things you’d personally like to click on (i.e. “Everything You Need to Know About _________” or “All About ______”).
  1. Clean up: Make your website clutter-free. If business is slower in the summer, this is the perfect time to revamp. If your existing web copy isn’t linked properly for SEO, go back through and revise it. Remove social network buttons that you don’t regularly use. Make sure it’s easy to see your newsletter sign up box (email marketing is incredibly effective!) and your search bar is easily findable (if you don’t have a search bar, get one if applicable). Your services should be front and center, delivered with impeccable, error-free copy.


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5 Do’s of Medical Marketing on Social Media

At McCauley Marketing Services, we provide quality care and marketing for a variety of medically-based clients. From dermatologists to surgeons, we value putting our best foot forward to make sure your marketing is in line with sensitive practice standards while remaining engaging with your fans. While challenging, here are five rules we work by when marketing and advertising our medical clients on social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

  1. atlanta-medical-marketing-companyDO prioritize privacy. Confidential patient information has no place on social media. Even in private messaging, it’s important to move private conversations that regard details of conditions or questions of advice to a different means of correspondence. In most cases, it’s best not to ignore these types of efforts from patients to reach out. Always give a phone number or alternate email to address their issue.
  2. DO keep quality in mind. In today’s world, quantity seems to take precedence over quality. In the case of medical marketing on social media, this is not a good strategy. Post at a frequency that your followers don’t feel bombarded by, such as one post per day. The more unnecessary your posts become, the more likely you are to lose followers.
  3. DO switch up your content. Along the same lines, you risk losing followers and interest when the same content is repeatedly posted. Look for articles that pertain to your industry, but don’t necessarily come from your own website or organization. Variation is critical to piquing interest. Try posting credible articles, videos, and personal photos.
  4. DO use analytics. Relying on numbers can help with determining the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Facebook has beneficial features and analytics for determining the time your audience is online, what posts get the most fan engagement, and more. Distinguishing which post types drive the most traffic to your website, get the most likes/shares/retweets, or generate new followers should always be considered.
  5. DO engage. If someone takes the time to comment on a post, reply to a tweet, or personally write you, do your best to respond. Even a quick thank you is better than risking making the patient or potential customer feel ignored or unvalued.


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Shhhh! Twitter Introduces New ‘Mute’ Function

Are you following a Twitter user that you sometimes wish would just stop tweeting? At McCauley Marketing Services, we understand your pain. Sometimes, it can seem like an emotional commitment to unfollow someone and deal with the hurt feelings that may ensue. Fortunately, Twitter has your back.

Twitter IconOn their official blog, Twitter laid out exactly what the mute feature does in basic terms: “In the same way you can turn on device notifications so you never miss a Tweet from your favorite users, you can now mute users you’d like to hear from less.” While you won’t see Tweets and Retweets from the muted user in your home timeline, the muted user will still be able to favorite, reply to and retweet your Tweets—you just won’t know it. And thankfully, they won’t know they are muted, either. We’ve seen a similar function before on Facebook, where it’s easy to hide users who you prefer seeing less frequently without clicking the dreaded “unfriend” button.

So, while this function is great for cleaning up your timeline while leaving feelings intact, what happens when your content leads you to be the muted user? For companies, this could become a common occurrence if the proper steps aren’t taken. This means limiting your usage of constant commands to retweet, share, and follow-back in order to create and keep an audience who cares. We’ve talked before about valuing engagement with social media fans and followers, and now is the perfect time to really learn what that means and put it into practice. An easy way to do this is to shift the focus from your company to your users. What are they engaging with? What’s trending today? Is there an applicable topic that you can jump in on? If so, create content that will blend nicely into your followers’ timelines and not seem so “phish-y”.

Overall, there is no reason to fear the mute button, especially with a team like McCauley Marketing Services on your side. Our team of social media writers uses their current event savvy to accompany analysis of your needs and audience to enhance your respective company’s brand identity and engage followers. For more information, check out our frequently asked questions about marketing with social media. Be sure to follow McCauley Services on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Pinterest or contact us for assistance with your social media strategy.

5 Approaches to Positively Influencing Social Media Fans

Even at McCauley Marketing Services, we all have not-so-great days. For anyone, a shining sun-filled morning can turn into a dreadful raincloud of an afternoon. But somehow, even on a bad day, a little burst of positive affirmation or observation of encouraging interaction can turn a sour disposition around for many of us. Did you know that your brand or personal name has the opportunity to do this for someone? By making your social media pages a harbor for constructive interaction, you can win over fans and influence others to spread encouragement and establish a reputable name for yourself. Marketing shouldn’t be all about numbers and metrics—it’s also about creating a place where fans want to go.

  1. All-Social-Media-Buttons-in-RowLet your fans know how much you appreciate them sincerely. Instead of announcing in excitement how many fans you have, thank your audience for choosing you. When you show appreciation and encouragement to your fans, the kickback is three fold: they are not only more likely to come back and view you more positively, but pass it on to others.
  1. Own up! Do not avoid fixing a social media mistake—it happens, so don’t ignore it. Everyone will inevitably have mishaps, and as humans, we need to accept this. Professionally addressing the problem, making no excuses, and swiftly moving on is always a great marketing strategy for maintaining a solid business image.
  1. Engage with the interests of your audience. You’ve got a leg up on this, because as fans on your page, they are already interested in you. Listen to and observe the activity of your fans and engage with it. Ask questions that people want to answer and make it easy for fans to talk about themselves.
  1. Avoid arguments at all costs. If someone is making negative comments on your social media page, do your best to hide them and address the manner privately and professionally.
  1. In all circumstances, celebrate! Revel in your latest news, contests, events and accomplishments. People want to celebrate and be involved with you—perhaps this is why the latest Facebook algorithm has changed to bring statuses and photos that incite a congratulatory response to the top of your newsfeed. Request participation in any future events and disclose your recent developments with your community.


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