Maximizing User Experience in Website Design

If you’re in the advertising industry or if you’re a consumer, website user experience affects you online each and every day.  The way in which the websites you visit are organized has a profound effect on how you view the company or product being promoted as well as the way in which you use their services.How to Build a Successful Website

If you’re working in the industry, then you’ve no doubt noticed the influx of job listings and employers seeking experts in the field of UX design (user experience). That’s because, although web designers don’t always like to admit it, function trumps form when it comes to website design.  Successful UX experts can blend the two seamlessly to deliver a website that consumers find aesthetically pleasing as well as informative.

If you’re unsure of how your website’s user experience stacks up against the competition, start with this simple evaluation:  visit your website’s homepage and see if you can answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions about your brand and its services.  Can you easily navigate to different areas on the site with details about each of these questions?  If not, your site may be in need of revision.

When revising your website, whether on your own or through a professional web developer, remember to keep the content as concise as possible.  No matter what your industry, being verbose does not serve you well and typically only succeeds in increasing your website’s bounce rate as users navigate to other sites that provide the requested information more easily.

It’s also important to display your company’s value proposition on every page.  Make sure consumers understand the benefits your products and services offer and give them a reason to call you.  On a final note, make sure it’s easy for users to contact you.  Prominently displaying your contact information and basic branded material on every page will further help re-enforce your unique benefits to consumers.

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