5 Refreshers for Writing an Impressive Press Release

Writing an effective press release is an essential skill for successfully marketing your business. In addition to thoroughly representing your brand, your press release should contain a few key elements in order to spark interest among your target audiences. The following tips can help you to convey your business’ message and establish a presence in the right media outlets and publications:

  1. mccauley servicesWrite a strong headline and utilize compelling keywords. Don’t try to be obscure or clever, your headline should be direct and grab the reader’s attention immediately.
  1. Your content should be unique and newsworthy. Ask yourself, “Does my press release have news value and do I have a human interest angle that will entice my readers?” Your content should be current; most individuals aren’t interested in stories they’ve already heard—picture yourself as the media reading this press release and ask yourself, “Would I find this interesting?.”
  1. Utilize the 5 W’s in your first paragraph. It is important to clarify the: who, what, where, when, and why. If you don’t grab your reader in the first paragraph, you are likely to lose them. Most people scan the first couple paragraphs of press releases, so it is imperative that you get to the point quickly and sufficiently.
  1. Include quotes. If you decide to add quotes to your press release, make sure they are concise and provide insight. It’s also imperative that you have permission if you plan to quote someone or you could end up dealing with copyright infringement or a potential lawsuit. If you’re planning on quoting copyrighted material, be sure to state the source clearly with all appropriate material such as the name, profession, title, and date or a link, where pertinent.
  1. Target your publications and media outlets. It’s essential to research the press and media you will be pursuing. Typically, a majority of journalists receive numerous press releases and pitches weekly and most end up unopened or deleted. By tweaking your release and doing the necessary research about the specific publication your pitching to, the more likely you are to spark their interest. Additionally, it is important to follow up with the media in regards to your press release, for example, in today’s society; you want to interact with your media on their social media to share your information, events, etc.

McCauley Marketing Services prides itself on the ability to identify each client’s individual needs and formulate a fitting solution that addresses those needs specifically. Our highly-trained staff of writers will thoroughly research your company’s respective service demographic and use an extensive network of print media resources and contacts to formulate a press release that maximizes your company’s exposure and profitability. With the rising popularity of online press releases as a valuable source of information, online press release distribution can also help to greatly enhance your online presence.

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