Brand Identity: The Value of Corporate PR

In an age where most consumers’ first tendency is to whip out their smart phone to look up the closest business for their needs, you might question the residual value of public relations.  We are frequently asked, “Why should I care about public awareness or reputation?”atlanta-pr-firm

The answer to this question is simple:  having a great brand and product does not guarantee that the public knows who you are or what you’re able to offer.  Nor does a great product or one-time customer ensure that you will have repeat customers.  Public relations campaigns through McCauley Marketing Services are layered. We work with our clients to not only understand their unique offerings, but to compile a strategy that harnesses the right tools and our network of local and national media professionals to send the desired message about your brand.

One good way to think of public relations’ value is to equate the field with the human side of marketing.  Advertising, or paid placement of commercial messages, is impactful for getting you in front of consumers; however, public relations professionals are the ones who can funnel your advertising message in front of the right audience and balance your commercial offerings with other, less tangible qualities that speak to your customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities like superior service, loyalty to patrons, and long-standing community ties.

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