Using Your Tools Wisely

A tool is only worth as much as the set of hands controlling it, and marketing tools are no different than power tools. Take social media as an example. You can create business profiles on various social media networks, but you can’t expect any return on investment unless you’re actually engaging clients and using the tools. Using the tools you have at your disposal to the best of your ability can be challenging and call for some creativity.

While it’s an amusing depiction, we have to applaud the man in the McCauley Services photo of the week for his creativity. Although it’s not the ideal swimming pool, it appears to be providing comfort and relaxation on a hot summer day, and all he needed was his truck, water, a tarp, and some tape.

This week we invite you to caption this photo by telling us what’s going through the neighbor’s heads.

Our take: (From his wife’s perspective) “I can’t believe he parked that thing out front again. I’ve asked him a thousand times to bathe out back so nobody would see.”