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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Day-to-Day Business

Spring is a great time to renew your mind, surroundings, and your business and marketing plans. In order to be the most effective in your field and deliver the results your clients desire (in turn creating the return your business deserves), it’s important to properly categorize, organize, and consolidate. McCauley Marketing Services offers suggestions on prioritizing your organizational efforts as we head into a new season.

business-tipsRid yourself of excuses. If all advice you’ve been given recently is matched by an excuse as to why you can’t revamp you’re business or marketing plan, it may be time to take a step back and evaluate. Reinvest in your business and find ways to overcome whatever hurdle thrown your way, financial, managerial, or otherwise. Find the solution and stick with it long enough to be able to analyze it’s success. Stay focused.

Tidy up—literally. Physically de-cluttering your desk can relieve you of a lot of unnecessary stress. Reminders here and there are fine, but once something becomes irrelevant, toss it! File away business cards, notes, and miscellaneous documents in a searchable, organized manner.

Clean up social media profiles. In today’s digital landscape, social media marketing is an imperative aspect to success. If you’re handling your own, post consciously and tailored to your target demographic. As for your personal or company LinkedIn pages, make sure your profile is complete. Make as many meaningful connections as possible (always reach out with a short personal invitation), write a keyword-loaded summary, and ask colleagues to write positive recommendations for you.

Control your inbox. For many people, a pileup of emails can become a thorn in their side rather than a means of effective communication. Clean it up continuously to save yourself the hassle of spending hours categorizing. Save important e-mails and addresses, unsubscribe from newsletters that have become unnecessary, and move on.

Shape up your to-do list. If something has been lingering on your to-do list for far too long, consider what’s most important. For example, contemplate all the things that compete for your time, and decide what needs immediate attention and what can be addressed later. If you have too many things vying for your attention, make it a point to narrow down your focus and make a timeline for when projects need to be completed. Stop beating yourself up for not getting to every superfluous task immediately.

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Quick and Easy Ways to Grow Your Twitter Following

Wondering what you can do to get more followers on Twitter—and keep them there? Full-service boutique marketing company McCauley Marketing Services provides easy tips and tricks to jumpstart your Twitter marketing for the upcoming spring season.

  • Don’t over-promote. Your followers don’t only follow you to be informed of your services, but because they also want to learn more about you. Throw in personal notes and interact with others. For best results and a trusting social audience, it is widely accepted to apply the 80/20 rule to all social media platforms (Facebook included). Aim to spend 80% of your social time interacting with and promoting others and 20% of the time endorsing your services.Twitter Icon
  • Stop it with the hashtags. You may have seen the viral bit where new Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and superstar Justin Timberlake play off each other by speaking in hashtags. While a great and hilarious sketch, it doesn’t translate to real life. In general, over-tagging makes your posts look like spam and reduces the likelihood of a retweet. We recommend sticking to one to three per tweet. #ListenToUs #SpammersBeware #IncreaseShareability (See what we did there?)
  • Beware the direct reply. If you want more people to see your interaction, consider a tweet rephrase. Don’t start your tweets with the ‘@’ symbol. Rephrasing so the Twitter handle is within the tweet or even has a period in front of it increases visibility and social presence. Make every tweet count!
  • Don’t overload your followers. We know, we know. You have a lot to say! Instead of posting your tweets back to back, consider using a program that allows you to schedule tweets ahead of time, such as Tweetdeck. Be sure to give adequate space between each message.


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5 Holiday Business Tips to Grow Your Customer Base

business tipsInstead of letting your business coast during the holiday season, McCauley Marketing Services encourages businesses to take advantage of the bustle of potential customers in both physical and internet presences. Below, we provide tips for taking your business from “Baa-Humbug!” to a season of growth, joy, and gratitude as we head towards the New Year.

Take advantage of User Generated Content (UGC). Share photos that your fans have shared or acknowledge them through social media. Use a campaign-based hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and make sure they tag you! Ultimately, the more customers interact and feel connected with your brand, the more likely they are to keep coming back (and maybe do some holiday shopping with you, too!).

Use increased customers to build your email base. Implement giveaways and drawings for gifts and discounts that require the customer to give you their contact information to enter. Once they opt in to your mailing list, you can then use those email addresses to send out specials, sales, and news happening within your business to strengthen your email marketing.

Run specials for only customers who “like” you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter. This helps keep social media interaction flowing. A great idea for running specials is to begin them in the New Year rather than immediately. This increases the chances for customers to walk through your door again in 2014.

Keep your employees merry and bright. Customers have grown familiar with interacting with disgruntled employees during the holidays. Emphasize to your employees the importance of remaining positive and diligent not only in their work schedules, but when speaking with customers or clients. You may be surprised how far great customer service can go when it comes to people remembering to revisit your business long into the New Year. If you are able, offer employees incentives for keeping the holidays jolly with bonuses or treating them to lunch. Developing and maintaining your business’ reputation is a critical component of preserving positive customer relationships.

Show your support for local or global charities. This will not only benefit you, but an actual organization that supports those in need. Encourage your followers to support them too! This will help customers realize that you are not just trying to sell something and recognize that there are actual people behind your organization, making them more likely to support you in the future.

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Pinterest: A Boundless Social Platform for Any Industry

Last week, we detailed how you can use Pinterest to grow your brand and audience by utilizing their user base and analytics. After reading about the benefits of the image-centric social platform, you may be wondering which businesses it works best for and how you can apply it to your specific industry.Pinterest: A Boundless Social Platform for Any Industry

The recipe for being successful on Pinterest  is made with a base of personality, a few cups of products or services to showcase, a tablespoon or two of stunning graphics, and a pinch of instructional how-to’s  and videos to keep your audience coming back for more. However, contrary to popular belief, you do not need each of these ingredients to make your Pinterest work for your industry, nor do you need to be in a visually centered business. Mixing a few marketing tips and adding your own strategies to fit the audience you know best will work just fine.

One of the key components to being successful regardless of industry is staying as consistently active as possible. Creating boards that showcase the taste of your brand will benefit you when visitors come to your page, and it’s important not to fall into the trap of thinking that all of the pins need to be photos of your inventory. Rather, use themed boards to showcase your brand’s personality. For best results, mix in promotions for yourself tastefully to seem less intimidating and sales-focused.

For example, beauty store giant Sephora creates boards that reflect the design of their engaging, Pinterest-centric marketing emails and newsletters, which allow people to pin products directly within their messages. In a Fall 2012 Color Blocking email promotion that generated 14,000+ repins, they created a corresponding board to match consumer taste. While a sprawling online store full of luxury products and dozens of beauty lines would likely be enough to keep an audience, Sephora uses Pinterest to its utmost advantage—and it works. In a recent interview, their head of digital revealed that their Pinterest followers spend fifteen times more on Sephora products than their Facebook followers.

Being in the beauty industry is far from a necessity to use email marketing to drive your audience to Pinterest. Any graphic, video, and article you feature should have a “Pin It” button, which reminds the reader that your brand not only has a Pinterest, but values and maintains it. Every time someone pins your content from your source, an opportunity is born for a potential customer.

Within the field of high-end retail establishments, you would be hard pressed to find reason to say Nordstorm is not leading the Pinterest marketing pack.  The department store has almost 4.5 million followers and 63 brand-tailored boards, but perhaps the most impressive is their creative marketing team, who came up with the idea to put the trademark red Pinterest “P” on their most popular in-store items.

Surprisingly, some of the other most popular brands “doing it right” on Pinterest may not be the clothing stores and interior design companies that you would expect. Parenting Magazine pins various blogs and websites alongside their own, following the aforementioned rule that pinning only your own content just isn’t going to cut it. After the Travel Channel asks Facebook fans what boards they want to see, they created their Pinterest platform off of it, pinning a range spanning from animals to scenery, cities to foods. Sony uses their boards to act like super fans of all of the latest technology, showcasing the personalities of the minds really behind the brand. Perhaps the most surprisingly entertaining presence on Pinterest is the U.S. Army, whose pins highlight humanitarian efforts, good morale, and vintage photos and advertisements.

Medical practices use Pinterest to accompany blogs and social outlets like Facebook and Twitter to market products and services to patients, creating boards with subjects that reflect their nature. Many practices also provide home remedies to patients via Pinterest, repinning from credible sources as well as uploading their own by linking to the practice’s blog or creating visual representations. Additionally, Pinterest provides endless material for health, fitness, and wellness boards, essential components to most medical practices.

The only requirement for getting up and running on Pinterest is to go to their very accommodating business section, and get started. There seem to be no bounds for who can join, as the brands that keep it personality-based are the ones who do it best. Put a little heart, time, and design into it, and you might just see your audience boom.

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How to Effectively Tell Stories in Marketing

Busy companies marketing new products, services, or ideas are often confronted with situations where the need to persuade management or potential clients to consider new approaches is vital to their success. Some ramble ad nauseam about why their social media proposal reigns supreme. And hey, maybe it does! However, there is a better way to coax listeners from uncertainty and boredom to confidence and piqued interest without the use of lengthy Power Points to explain a marketing strategy.MarketingPlan

How? It’s as simple as telling a story.                                                    

We’ve all done it before. Whether it involved making up a tale to help your child fall asleep, charming a date with a charismatic anecdote about the first time you met, or scrambling to explain to your boss why you were late (Cut it short; you hit snooze too many times.),  you have likely had to present someone with your storytelling skills.

While some are gifted at doing any of the above on the spot, there is a method for efficient storytelling you can apply to your business. According to Fast Company, people are too scared to use the authenticity of anecdotal evidence because it seems “too emotional,” so they stick to the seemingly professional hard facts and numbers. In actuality, emotions work better at reaching the core of the listener and sticking in the memory for far longer than a statistic. Another way to get ones attention without sacrificing numerical evidence is to mix emotion while still backing up your claim. This aids in not only setting the storyteller apart from the rest, but also providing optimal catering to the audience: a crucial component in person and online.

Here are three of the best tips from the article:

  1. When creating a storyboard, spark creativity and inspire yourself by listening to music or reading something that motivates you. Create a story arc that influences people to want to listen. Include the ups and downs and tension that your favorite novel would have.
  2. Complicating things to the point of confusion is never the answer when asking how to tell an amazing story. If you choose to convey your story using PowerPoint, keep text and complex graphics away. Recite and practice—essentials to great delivery—to the point where a single picture and few meaningful words suffice to deliver effectively.
  3. Storytelling gets easier once you see the results. When you begin to believe that right brain communication style better matches “real people” communication skills, you’ll be driven by the authenticity and subsequent persuasion of storytelling.

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