What is a Twoosh and how does it benefit other marketing efforts?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “twoosh” from social media experts and those that are habitually tweeting, but do you know what it really means or how it can benefit your other marketing efforts?  We asked the social media coordinators here at McCauley Marketing Services for their input on the term:

“A twoosh is simply a tweet that unintentionally uses exactly the 140 character maximum allotted for each update on Twitter.  It’s a social media status symbol of sorts, like making a perfect grade on an exam, because your message fits precisely into the site’s confines.”

Our coordinator then explained that the Facebook fan page capability that allows Facebook to be tied directly to Twitter will likely increase the amount of twooshes as it automatically feeds the first 140 characters of your post.   Just like you can’t expect a perfect score or result from everything you attempt, our response to frequently asked marketing questions like this one should instead serve as a tool to help you maximize your marketing ROI for every message you produce.

The increasing connectedness illustrated by the Facebook/ Twitter example above also highlights the importance of making sure your business’ marketing messages are clearly expressed and branded effectively.  As we’ve discussed previously in McCauley Service’s newsletters and marketing frequently asked questions, the contents of your message are equally (if not more) important than your advertising message’s length.  To learn more about the advertising, public relations, and graphic design services McCauley Marketing provides visit our website and continue to read our blog.