Photo of the Week: Knowing When to Ask for Marketing Help

tiny-officeMarketing is one of those jobs that everyone thinks they can do on their own, “It’s advertising! How hard can it be?” However, the research and careful consideration that goes into each element of your strategy when marketing your business can be a job in itself. Pair that with the other requirements of your business, and you could be setting yourself up for quite a headache. With the constant updates going on with internet marketing in areas like social media and search engine optimization (SEO), it can be challenging keeping up with the latest trends and changes while managing other aspects of your job.

The McCauley Marketing Services’ team understands that marketing and advertising isn’t easy to try to do yourself. If you’re feeling in over your head, we hope you can use our website and blog as resources for information and as an indicator to know when it’s time to consult a professional.

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This week we’d like you to caption this photo.

Our take: “Judy had almost finished her plan for the Pampers account when her computer froze. Looks like it’s time for a nap.”